Time to Answer

The night was so still, I wished I could have heard the marching of the ant's feet on the sidewalk.  There was a hum from the street light and the shrill ringing of the phones.  The phones rang and rang and rang, for hours and hours and hours.. My friends had changed tactics, they were crawling over my feet, they wanted to leave me too.

Sighing I made a decision, I'd answer the phone, I knew what I was going to hear.. but, just to hear that unearthly voice would make me feel I was still in this world, it would make me feel like there was someone else out there.  I picked up the receiver, I slowly brought it to my ear.. I know, I know...

"Tell me, how does it feel to be alone?"

It was different this time, the voice said "Tell me, how does it feel to be alone?'  I almost screamed, someone was speaking to me, there was someone there.  I squeezed my eyes shut..

"It hurts.. it's frightening, I want my family, god I would give anything to see them, to hug my mom, kiss the little rug-rats, I want Adam, I want to love him for the rest of our lives, I miss my sister, she was right, I can't... I can't... make it alone...., please, please.. help me.. I don't want to be alone, I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE!"

The End

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