I sat there.. I think for hours.  The phones were still ringing, they must have wanted to talk to me very badly.  That thought played around my mind for a moment.. "maybe I should talk to them.."  Instead, I sat.  I felt numb, as if I were attatched to .... nothing.  My friends were still there, not out of any love for me but, I wouldn't let them leave.  Seems they were my last touch of reality, if they left surely I'd go insane and I was very afraid of that, I mean.. did it hurt?

The shrilling of the phones were becoming a source of twisted security. I believe my rationing was, as long as they rang, someone was out there, and still I sat.  I was hungry, sleepy, scared but, still I sat, imobile, still,  except for the movement of my foot.  The sun had set and the streetlight above the bench popped on.  The phones continued to ring, screaming their protests at me.. What did they protest, oh they were upset, I didn't answer.  I wanted to but still, I sat..

"How does it feel to be alone?"

The End

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