What do I need to Change.. help me?

Was I really so bad? There were people out there that killed people just for the fun of it, I wasn't like that.

I stretched out on a park bench, I couldn't bear to go inside.  My thinking processes weren't working, nothing was working.  I felt more than heard the growl deep in the pit of my stomach but, I didn't move from the bench, I didn't want to go inside.  I didn't want to go anyplace I knew people should have been...

The ants crawled over the piece of candy some child had dropped on the sidewalk.  They clamored over it, I wondered did they have a purpose, would they take it and split it up between them all or would the sweet treat cause a war?   Did they know what was happening?  Did they know I was alone?  I watched a line of them pick up the piece of candy and begin to march away.  I sat up and placed my foot down in front of them, I caused them to go in circles, not to be mean but, they were my only friends, without them, I was totally alone..  I watched as they sent out one scout after another, they picked up the candy again and started off in the direction which they wanted to go, again I caused the circular movements.. "You can't leave me.. please!"  The phones began to ring again.  I sat there with my friends..

"How does it feel to be alone?"

The End

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