Stop, Look, Listen, Think..

You know how they say, stop, look and listen..  That's what I felt like I needed to do.  Thinking made my head hurt. 

Where would I begin, how would I begin, I know I should have payed more attention to the horror movies Adam loved to watch or, had loved to watch.. " Oh god Adam, mom, Nita, !"  

I was beginning to think ridiculously, a plague, a world wide pandemic..  but, in just two days,  a serial killer.. no that was silly.. What, WHAT HAD HAPPENED IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!

The wind scattered leaves and papers along the empty streets and sidewalks.  Trees swayed back and forth.. I sat in the car just staring into the blue. I was expecting.. I don't know what I was expecting.. There was nothing there, nothing, not even the chirping of the birds cause, there were no birds. But the wind began to whisper to me, asking me how did it feel to be alone.  I did contemplate that thought... It  didn't feel.. good. 

I was afraid.  Moving to my rear seat, I curled up into a ball and sobbed, loud, shrill, heaving sobs. And I heard it, the unearthly, gutteral voice.

"How does it feel to be alone?"

The End

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