They are all gone!

I drove fast yet, I still stopped at the red lights, old habits die hard.  I started driving towards my mothers house but, I knew, she wouldn't be there.  Turning around, I headed towards my sisters house, I would give anything to see her and her little rug-rats..   "Oh god please be there!"

"How does it feel to be alone?"

The house was quiet, deafeningly so, no one came to the door, no little hands wiping some sticky something on my pant legs..  The table still had last nights dinner on it..  The baby's high chair sat next to my sister's place.  I sat down at the table and cried.. "Where are you?"

"How does it feel to be alone?"

I knew it was futile but, I did what I always did when I was in trouble, headed towards Adams house.  Tears blurred my vision cause, I knew he would be gone too.  Pieces of paper slithered down the empty street.  All I could hear was the hum of my own engine, no trains, no planes, no sirens..

"How does it feel to be alone?"

I sat in the diveway, there was no reason to get out of the car.. he wasn't there, they were all gone.

The End

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