Was I truly Alone?

"How does it feel to be alone?" 

Creepy, I am reminded of "Resident Evil" and so may other Zombie stories.  I called my mother again, no answer, I dialed my sister, no answer, I dialed Adam, no answer, just the static..

My heart is beating so fast, although I refuse to believe it, I know, for some reason, they are all gone..  I begin to cry, that's all I know to do..  Then some thought reasoned.. somewhere within my mind, I dialed 911.. Nothing but the static and the unearthly voice..

"How does it feel to be alone?"

Screaming I threw the phone out the window, I slammed the gas pedal to the floor as if I were outrunning whatever was after me.. Whatever was after....me,   Was something after..... me?I pointed my vehicle in the direction of my mother's house, knowing I wouldn't find her there still, the idea that I was going somewhere, the thought that I had a purpose, lulled me into a false calm.


The End

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