Icy Feelings

I wasn't in the mood for prank calls, I was tired.  I shut the phone down, anyone that wanted to talk to me could wait until tomorrow.  However, the voice had something in it that sounded so cold, disembodied, I shook off the chill and turned over.

The sliver of light that filtered through the blinds managed to land squarely on my left eye.. The unholy voice came back to me, what had it said?  Oh yes, how did it feel to be alone.. Pranksters, they didn't sleep.   I needed my morning jolt.

I was thinking about Adam,  what would I tell him, it didn't matter, he'd forgive me, he always did.  He truly deserved better than me but, he thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world..(lol) and I guess I exploited that fact.  I'd never admit that to my mother.. who was not answering her phone at 7:30am.. 

Adam wasn't answering his phone either, not his home phone or his cell.. Same with my sister, what happened had they all gone on vacation together?  "How does it feel to be alone?"   Cold fingers crawled up my arms, I hugged myself rubbing my arms vigorously, I needed to put the nagging feeling that something wasn't right to rest..  I jumped into the shower but couldn't quite shake the feeling.. 

And now it intensified, there were no cars on the street..

The End

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