Greogory's hungry so he goes looking for Mary. But Mary isn't around. Where is she? See a family through the eyes of a cat in his short story.

Firstly, sorry. I had to write a short story for my english class and I don't like writing short stories so this is all I could come up with. I did, however, win a prize for this - best anthropomorphic grieving story!

Gregory trotted inside, triumphant. He had successfully terrorized three butterflies and chased a bird, which, much to his annoyance had flown away when it was inches from his grasp. He was hungry.

Making his way to the living room, where Mary usually was, Gregory noticed that the house was unusually quiet. Everyone was congregated in the living room, listening to a man in a bright yellow and black jacket and an odd hat. Mary wasn’t there.

Gregory didn’t know this man; he’d never been there before. A faint scent of cigarettes drifted away from him. Everyone was listening intently to the story he told, whatever it was. Everyone except Mary. Why wasn’t she there? The man mentioned her name several times.

He made her way over to Peter, twisting himself between his legs, listening to the rough but kind voice of the strange man. Peter’s hand idly stretched down to stroke his tail and rub between his ears for a few, seconds, before pushing his away. He squeaked and turned around.

Trudy’s face was red, she was hardly breathing. Peter stood and walked over to where she was sitting, crouching down and putting his arms round her. Leaning into him, she made an odd choking noise. Gregory hopped up to where Peter had been sitting, feeling the warmth and settling down.

Peter made a remark, pulling away from Trudy, who gurgled something. He came back to sit down again, having to shove Gregory out of the way again. He sniffed and wiped his nose on his jumper sleeve, knocking his thick-rimmed glasses askew. He didn’t even try to fix them. His eyes were red, like when he had “hayfever” but it wasn’t the sunny season, so it wasn’t that.

Gregory sensed something was wrong. Everyone looked sacred or upset. Everyone had red blotchy faces. The man had finished speaking and the room was silent. There was a tension hanging in the air. Mary still wasn’t there. Gregory was still hungry.

He mewed and jumped up onto Trudy’s lap. She picked up around the waist and carried him outside, closing the door behind her as she returned, sobbing quietly. 

There was more to it than this... on my school computor. I'll repost in september...

The End

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