I arrived after 3am, really too late or, early depending on your pov, to call anyone.  I pressed the play button on the machine and walked into the bathroom.  There was a moment of silence,  making me believe there was nothing there but, the crack of the first voice came through.  Adam, not surprising, bill collectors, Dr. Pines office, then I thought I heard a voice.. I rewound the machine, nothing but static, still, I know what I heard at least, I thought I heard..oh well, I finished changing my clothes.

The trip had been uneventful, I have no idea why I thought Alex was so exciting, he was a bore, a braggart, an egomaniac and a flirt, with any thing that wore a skirt.  He couldn't match Adam in anyway, especially the love making department.  I pushed aside the guilty feelings about Adam and touched the lamp.

Just as I was dozing off, the phone rang, I fumbled and whispered hello into the thing..  Static, and a voice..   "How does it feel to be alone?"

The End

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