Threads of DelusionMature

There were a few things Lorna wished to teach young Selinia. Firstly, how to cook. The girl’s frail appearance, and soft and supple hands gave signs of a past life of luxury. Lorna originally wished to introduce Selinia into the tiresome world of housework bit by bit, but her son’s arrival put a new perspective on things.

Time was of the essence. Their son, George, would be home soon.

Secondly, Lorna wished to teach the young girl of the traditions of Chartan. What was to be said, and what was not. Without a trained mind and tongue, one could be accused of heresy.

Selinia had openly made her treacherous remarks around the dinner table, questioning the power of the Gods, and even defying their teachings by claiming that the elves and goblins could be good creatures. It was unheard of.

Lorna shuddered at the mere thought of it. A child living under her house could not be considered uncivilised, it would bring shame to the whole Cordith household.

Lastly, but not least, she wished to teach the girl how to sew, or at least avoid sewing her own fingers together with her needle and thread. She was far from graceful with a needle, pricking herself countless times, and even yelping out little profanities each time the pins penetrated the skin.

“Darning, tacking, just good ol’ sewing.” Lorna sighed, resting on her wooden chair. “I forgot I left all his clothes in the attic. Damn pixies had been munching on the cotton. Look at it. Pesky things. Shame the shield doesn’t keep them out too.”

“Why doesn’t it?” Selinia asked, her concentration wandering. “Ouch-”

“Put a plaster on that girl, don’t just sit around!” Lorna ordered, concerned for the girl’s new injury. “You’ve got a collection going on.”

Selinia smiled politely before wrapping her finger in the hem of her dress. Within seconds the bleeding subsided. “As I was saying… the shield…”

Lorna stopped sewing and thought hard about the situation. Was she just adding fuel to the fire? Was answering Selinia’s question going to lead to a sea of possibilities and theories? It wasn’t acceptable in this society. “Some say the shield is weakening. Others say the dark magical aura of the pixies is weakening instead, therefore enabling them to enter the lands with ease.”

“In that case,” she analysed what she had heard, “the goblins could- if they lowered their aura- enter Chartan?”

A concept she hadn’t heard before. The theory sinking in, Lorna nodded. “Very possible. But it‘s a good thing they haven’t mastered that power yet.”

The needle slipped and the sharp point desperately wedged itself in Selinia’s hand, at home in the soft flesh of her healed cut. A wound which healed almost instantly seconds before, was reopened.

George would be home soon.

The End

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