Absconder of ArtificeMature

A mysterious young girl enters the lives of Lorna and Rob Cordith who live in the fictional village of Chartan. With her, she brings a world of magic into their lives and discovers who she truly is.

Rob Cordith was a butcher like any other living with his wife, Lorna in their small home in the poorer side their town, Chartan. He was a hard working man, who everyone in town knew and respected, along with his wife. Both being known as the kindest people to reside in this side of town. They were a humble couple who had not yet been bestowed the pleasures of a wealthy life. Instead, working as a butcher and his wife, day in and out for their keep.
They loved their home town, filled with the best ale, best personalities and brightest stars at night. No evil spells lurked over the town at night allowing troublesome elves and goblins to enter, as Chartan was guarded by the strongest shield ever granted by the Heavens.
They could not speak ill of a town which had homed them for all their lives. But life could grow tiresome as the cuts and sizes of meat all began to look the same for Rob Cordith. His wife tried to take up hobbies, such as gardening and DIY, yet nothing filled the hole which they felt in their lives. Perhaps it was the safety of their shielded lives which rarely brought forth anything unexpected. Perhaps they truly wanted to wander into the unknown, yet those thoughts were on the brink of treason. The shield was something which was not to be questioned.
It was life like this which led Rob Cordith to frequent the pub on the other side of town, The Golden Pig. It wasn’t a bad area, but it did get rowdy often in the early hours of the morning when one too many drinks had been served. Rob usually left before this time, and this particular day was no different. He left just as the young men of the town sat down to drink their senses away, and snuck into the night outside.
He crossed through the park, a path he rarely took at night yet the path was shorter. This night he wished to get home as soon as possible, as the drink had tired him already, and he just wished to shut his eyes upon his own bed rather than risking the long walk home and collapsing on a bench somewhere.
The statues scared him in the stillness of the night, as their silhouettes intertwined and cut across the paving. The facial expressions were skewed as the streetlamps played tricks, flickering on and off. He could have sworn that he saw one stir and move into the bushes, but he didn’t want to follow his suspicions just to be reassured. He felt more comfortable speeding up and embracing his ignorance.

Ah, the cold finally made its way through the thin layer of his clothing, shaking off what he hoped were the delusions of alcohol.

Keep walking, Rob. Keep going…

He tried to hum lullabies in his head, scared that humming aloud would bring notice to himself. Footsteps were behind him, pattering along, weak and inconsistent.

    Was he to stop?

And risk being caught by whatever creature was behind him? He sped up instead, hearing the footsteps quieten behind him. He smiled to himself as he reached the park’s exit unscathed. His pursuer was far behind him and probably gone by now, he concluded. He turned back to the park, sneering at the place which had attempted to terrify him so much yet had failed.
“That’ll show you!” He called into the park, hearing his voice echo. Perhaps  the drink hadn’t entirely worn off, he thought to himself. He was talking to an empty park.

Or what he thought was an empty park.

Something shifted, and then it entered his view. Long blonde hair and such a small frame, staggering towards him. It was a young girl, a beautiful one at that. Rob slowly approached her, his good heart telling him to go against his logic.
“Sir, please help me.” She mumbled, her voice rasp as if she had not tasted water for weeks. “I will work for lodgings.”

The End

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