What To Watch?Mature

Okay, maybe Leta had gone a little over board with the snacks she thought as she looked at the coffee table and her best friends expression of awe. "Sorry, I cooked way too much didn't I?" she sighs as she rubbed the back of her neck. She needn't have served it all anyway and the girls had agreed to go with finger food. Leta though wanting to make it special had made everything from scratch from the mini sausage rolls to the salsa dip for the nacho's.

"No, no, I love your food" Stephanie laughed trying to obviously shield Leta from the heavy embarrassment of having over prepared. Leta tried to smile back at her friend but couldn't help the awkwardness to it. Great, she thought, already screwing the day up huh? But Stephanie carried on as if nothing happened sitting herself down and picking up one of the mini vegetarian spring rolls taking a small bite. "Mm, seriously, the foods great" Stephanie smiled at her seeming to almost mentally pat the seat next to her with her words.

Leta pushed away the embarrassment before it rose not needing much more before she began blushing but this embarrassment was of a whole new kind. Her best friends dress put her in awe. The way it hugged her curvy form and every inch of her form that made Leta's heart skip a few beats at the sight of her. 

It wasn't going to make her confession all that easier. "So what film shall we start with?" Leta grinned moving towards the Tv and picking up the first two options. "Final Destination 3 or The Purge?" she said weighing the two exaggeratedly between her hands.

The End

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