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Leta sighed softly her voice echoing gently through the bathroom the water splashing softly against the sides of the tub as she lifted her foot up out the end gazing at her toes a little disinterested. She knew she'd have to get up and ready at some point. After all its not like she could very well hide away from her best friend without causing suspicion. It was her who suggested that they, the two single besties, spend the whole day of Valentines day watching horror movies from the lightest thriller to the bloodiest murder. You know, in the irony that it was indeed Valentines day.

Just as she was sifting through the absent thoughts in her mind there was a gentle knock on the door. "Leta? Dear, can you hurry up? You're creating a que for the bathroom" her fathers soft voice called in.

"Yeah, one second!" she yelled back reaching for the shampoo the other side of the tub.

"Hurry up, plum face!" a gleeful tease yelled out loud followed by the harshest laugh she knew to come from that of her youngest brother. Leta's grip on the shampoo bottle tightened and before she knew it was flying across the room and smacking into the bathroom door with a large bang.

"Elliot! Apologies now!" her father snapped his voice fading off as she assumed he went after her rat of an eight year old brother. Bad manners and a bad temper. Not that she could say anything back about that.

Letting out a sigh she used the closest bottle of shampoo washing out her hair and ease her body out of the bath. Towel's wrapped round her body and she went through to her room and looked at her outfit laying out ready atop the covers. She'd gone with something simple but flattering. Bootleg jeans and a nice silk shirt with off the shoulder sleeves. It was the sort of outfit that complimented her bulky figure and hopefully would make her appealing enough to help with the situation about to happen today.

It didn't much take Leta long to get ready and put the curlers in my hair as she headed down the stairs towards the kitchen for breakfast humming to herself. When her older brother, Shaun, saw her perched at the counter in his tracksuit like he always was this time of morning she wasn't surprise to watch his eyebrows raise.

"Miss Leta has a date for Valentine's day?" he teases sipping his drink as Leta started gathering herself together a bowl of cereal.

"Nope, just me and Steph having a anti-valentine horror marathon"  smiled over to her brother in to much of a good mood now to let either of her usually irritable siblings get her down.

"Hmm" my brother said easing himself out his perch. "I'm off for my run" he felt to add with a lazy wave as he moved out of the kitchen followed by the front door shutting only a short while later. 

Seemed just like an average day in the Listan household for the moment but hopefully that was all to change.

The End

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