Valentine's DayMature

It was Valentine's Day, and she was with her best friend. Stephanie, for once in her life, was sure that nothing would stress her out for at least twenty-four hours. And then she set her hair on fire.

Stephanie woke up. Her first thought was a hope that it wasn't past eight. She had intended to wake up early.

She rolled over onto her back and let her arm flop to the floor, scrambling about for her mobile. 

"Oh, for-" sighing, Stephanie opened her eyes and rolled completely off of the bed and onto the floor.

"Steph, what are you doing?" Kira, Stephanie's twin, was leaning against the bedroom door and looking amused. She threw a green lace dress at her sister, and it landed on her face. "I'm borrowing your red one, so we're swapping for today."

"Fuck you, Kira."

"You too," Kira grinned and twirled in an unnecessary circle, just to make the skirt of Stephanie's dress billow out. Then she made a catwalk of the hallway as she walked to her own bedroom.

Stephanie sighed and stood up, holding Kira's dress out in front of her at arm's length. It looked tiny. It was tiny. About four inches shorter than her own, in fact. The sisters has been to the shop and bought different versions of the same dress, but only now did Stephanie realise just how different the versions were. 

She put on the outfit. She tried it with four different bras, but it just made her wish that her breasts were smaller. The lace hugged her at the waist and flowed down, but not far enough. That could be solved with tights. Even the amount of cleavage exposed could be tolerated. It was flattering rather than revealing. 

The sleeves were short, that was the problem. On her own dress, the red one, they weren't. It had been an intentional detail. She should have kept her hair long. 

Stephanie went downstairs into the kitchen. 

"You look lovely, darling," her mum, Laura, commented with a smile, but the glance at her daughter's scars wasn't missed.

"Mum, don't."

"Look, Steph, it's not your fault you got burnt," Laura tried for what seemed the millionth time. "You were little. And nobody is going to notice, anyway."

Laura, technically, was right. Stephanie didn't have a boyfriend to spend this valentine's day with. She was spending it at her best friend's house, and Laura pointed out that she needn't have even dressed for the occasion. 

Stephanie didn't care. The scars spread cross most of her right shoulder and arm, and were not attractive. Not to her, not to her best friend, not to anyone. She knew that.

Kira, on the other hand, was spending the day with her boyfriend of just over a year. He didn't really approve when she wore revealing clothing, that was why she and Stephanie had needed to swap.

The sisters stood opposite each other, exactly the same in height and build. They were both beautiful. 

Stephanie swept Kira's waist length black hair to the side. "You should plait this."

Kira nodded in agreement and glanced up and down Stephanie's body. "You should wear the wedges with the strap."

They regarded each other's matching flower headbands, and acknowledged that they had both opted to wear contacts instead of glasses. "Good choice."

They smiled and hugged. 

The End

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