Above was a Goldfish

How I died was actually very common.

I was rised in a giant tank spawn from probably over 1000 eggs. I lived most of my child hood with over 200 other fish, there was never enough to eat. When I reached my adulthood I was sold to Mrs. Smith and her children.

At first everyday they adimired my scale and fed me flakes. My tiny bowl got cleaned maybe twice a week. However after about a week, they lost interest in me and my bowl never got cleaned again. I was never fed and the water became fowl so the lively little critters in it, ate my soul and I was flushed.

So now here I stand above in goldfish heaven looking down at the family that doomed my soul. Years must have pasted since both children are now adults.

What was their names? Right, Dolly and Matt was it? I truly have no idea what happened to poor Mrs. Smith. She was always so pale and gravely looking.

Anyways Dolly is a lovely lady now, her pale blonde hair pined high. She works at a big building, must be working for one them big guys I'm guessing.

Mine, when was the last time Matt shaved? Yuck, look at this dirty apartment. This is the 4th time his getting divorced, got kicked out without a notice, must be all the beer, needs to cut back on the drinking he tells himself. For the kids, but his will seems to never full through..

But telling you all this is actually useless since I can't change everything that happens, all I can do is watch so lets fast forward 2 years from now when Dolly is getting married to a rich gentleman name Charles and Matt is going back to finish college. All the good stuff is starting now.

Charles owned a paper making company name Charles & Tamper Ltd. Dolly and him met on a evening at a small party, both knew nobody there and was both trying to get away from their crazy lives. They started chatting over a glass of beer, Dolly started talking about her older brother who has 3 children with 3 different ex-wives, lives around the bottle, he never got a proper job and now is finally "attempting" to redeem himself. Charles listened and nobbed his head while smiling gently.

Charles was kind and Dolly took a liking to him. Dolly loved the way Charles talked about his wealthy and easy going life. Something Dolly has always wanted. Money and power, something that her mother failed to have and suffered in the end for it. Sure Charles was older at age 37 while she was only 26, but older men always treated women better anyways.

So Dolly kept her relationship with Charles and after 5 month of good courtship, the pair decided to marry. Dolly kept her guest list short, she only invited her wealthest friends. Unfortunely, that means her long time best friend Jess was not invited. But Jess would understand wouldn't she? It would be embrassing for Dolly to have her come in wearing a $25 dress while everyone else in wearing designer brands.

Which was suprising because after other dreadful 6 hours of class, Matt came home to find a invitation to the wedding of his sucessful sister Dolly.

"Doll huh? Never would I dreamed of this.. free food, free drinks, pretty girls and maybe I can even cash in on a better job"

The End

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