About Parenting

This is about a sacrificed parents. and after learning this children should not do like this

 girl named Reena was working in a private company she loves a business man who was a rich financial background..they both love together and they get permission from their parents and got married..they lead a wonderful life, 3 years passed but they struggle with a problem they didn't get child they were get treatment in many hospitals and all their families do prayer, but unfortunately they didn't get a child 10 years passed.so they decided to adopt a child from orphanage..as per their decision they adopt a boy child..again that pair becomes happy and they named to the child as kishore..kishore studied in best school and he got state rank holder and he got admitted in best college finally he completed his studies successfully..he joined with his dads business and he does best in business than his father...his parents decide to do marriage their son then they search alliance and they find the good family as well as good girl named seetha..finally he got married with his parents blessings..his parents were very happy..the girl enters the family and changes everything like infrastructure of the house..kishore started loving her like crazy..seetha didn't like kishore loves his parents..she got very possessive with kishore..so she slowly changed her character and forced kishore to admit their parents in an orphanage..kishore didn't accept his words..so she started blackmail like I ll do suicide..so kishore accept her words and decided to admit their parents in orphanage..finally he takes her parents to an orphanage..he asks that management to give first class room to their parents..he started from an orphanage at that time a voice calls him please wait my dear son he wait turns back that orphanage father ..that father asks kishore shall I tell u a truth
Kishore said tell me please..
Father said 30 years ago your dad adopt one boy child..




The End

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