About a time when you formed an unexpected friendship with a very unlikely character in school.

I had always thought Jessie disliked me for I was everything she was not. Jessie had long, silky blonde hair and had a pair of unique vivid blue eyes. She was slim and pint sized but she had a devilish figure. In addition, she was excelling holistically in school — straight As’ senior and netball captain. On the other hand, I was the replica of her reverse. I was grossly overweight with a staggering one hundred and fifty pounds for a female freshman who was about five feet tall. I was bespectacled and the rims of my glasses were at least two centimeters thick. I was a dunce in class and could only lay claim to the dubious honour of being the only one in the cohort to fail the annual fitness test.

I had joined netball as my co-curricular activity in hope of getting enough exercise for me to slim down. I became the brunt of the school’s many cruel jokes. All my hopes were dashed as I was treated as an outcast. I had yet had a chance to step into court. All I ever did was run errands for the team. I felt more like their personal assistant than their teammate. Jessie had never spoken a word to me at all; neither did she demand anything from me. I thought she was too aghast to even bully me. But this was all to change...

It was the last day of the term and I was on my way home. The pile of books on my hands made them ache. I could not see where I was walking as my vision was blocked by the books. Out of a sudden, three of my netball seniors intentionally rammed into me from behind. The load of books crashed onto me as I stumbled and lost my footing. Those distasteful menaces took malicious pleasure in watching me wince. I struggled to get my pudgy body up, but was futile. I was as though as a turtle attempting to get up on its shell. I summoned all my energy again but the lump of blubber surrounding my stomach was a huge barrier. Those loathsome witches circled around me, laughing uproariously. No words could express the agony in my soul. I was drenched in sweat and paralyzed with fear. Each time I managed to prop my body up, they would kick me down again. The taunts and physical bullying was dished out intensively. Those nightmarish scenes of horror and hysterical laughter ran unbridled in my mind. I was vulnerable...

Just as I was about to give up on finding an avenue of escape, Jessie unexpectedly came to my rescue. She folded her arms petulantly and looked daggers at those unpardonable girls. Jessie and her companions had to literally pull me up as though I was firmly rooted to the ground, before Jessie gave them tongue lashing. The girls tried to vindicate their actions but Jessie stood firm in her decision that such acts should not be condoned, and left no room for negotiation.

Those three juveniles were suspended from the school team and were punished to wash the school’s toilet for a month. Surprisingly, since the incident, my relationship with Jessie pulled closer. We started to hang out with each other and she even offered to tutor me and be my personal trainer! I must say, it was a blessing in disguise.

The End

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