About a Savage Heart: III

Alerina's teal eyesight was spread all over the tent before her voice broke the dark blue fabric that covered the structure. She was there not for the mage who owned the place nor for the red-headed leader who previously visited him, but for her daughter, who she left there hours before under the magician's care to leave the camp for some time. No matter how successful she was in slaying the glass-furred bears or how serene she seemed despite her daughter's absence, still something twisted inside of her head and she felt that there was more to that disappearance than the instinct of a child to wander around.

"Where is my daughter?", she asked with her nefertian accent as soon as she found Olar's blue hair dancing in the wind. His brow was relaxed and his mouth was silent. He was by himself at the top of the cliff at which's side the camp was set, starring with both closed eyes at the crepuscular horizon, the gigantic stars fading towards the permanent line and the advent of the extremely dark and plain dome that covered the Tirian nights. "I do not know. I left her with Callun. We argued", he answered calmly without missing a single ray of light from the spectacular starset. She sat by his side, more relaxed by the notion that Alerina the Chaste was with her friend, but still worried. It was of more concern, however, what could be between those two men. "What did you fight about, Olar?", asked the official putting her long hair behind of her ears and resting the hammer on the dark-purple earth. "He emptied their heads. He built an ignorant army. It's not right. And although it blesses him with effectiveness now, he shall be betrayed by it in the long run", the old man said. His eyes were still closed, the stars were still setting, the dome was incomplete and some mere light still came from the sky. "He has been applying this technique for a while now, my mage. And it has not proved him wrong", Alerina argued in response. The blue mage pondered. He thought and he took a long breath, despite neither a sigh nor a profound exhalation. "Callun never fought for long with the same army. His techniques are deadly to the enemies but lethal to himself. We can not afford to lose huge populations, not now that Tiria is reduced to this. We are no longer billions, Alerina"

The official looked down. She could no longer see the purple earth nor her hammer. Everything was dark and quiet, all the stars had set. "I'll go help light up the camp, my mage. Take your time", she greeted and reached for her weapon. On her feet, she started to light up the torches and think about the Legion and her daughter. Far away, between many torches, she saw Callun doing the same as her. He was helped by many of his mindless soldiers and had the blonde child sitting on his shoulders. The moment she saw her mother, a smile drew both her cheeks and painted them with a healthy red. "Momma", she said and jumped to Alerina's hands. "You are a beautiful little girl", the general praised looking into the equally teal eyes the child had. "Thanks, Callun", Alerina the Chaste replied.

The End

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