About a Savage Heart

“You tend to lie on the ground, shocked into the perplex motion of the eyelids, the temerarious thought that war could indeed set us apart. You feel crumbled and there is no such thing as humble feelings anymore. The sole mention of your desiring is obnoxious and the proof of your efforts is also a wrong and futile outcome for us all. You feel worthless as a hole. And you feel that is where you belong.”
— Officer Alerina in her first speech to the masses

Callun stood up for the first time in seven years. The pain was gone completely once in his life and the result of the first medical experimentation of Olar, the blue mage, proved him an even greater asset to the faction. For once Callun felt no pain in his chest, he could move and could fight. There was no such thing, anymore, as disease. Olar would start to change everything in Tiria so fast that the people would prosecute him and try to revert everything to the sick and primitive state it should somehow always have sustained.

He would die for the sake of progress, killing millions of his brothers and sisters. That civil war was minimal if compared to what was to come. But the ghost that surrounded the whole continent was too dense and big to compare to the battle between the blue mage and those too conservative to embrace his advancements. It was audacious, they’d say while fighting him, attempting to cure a disease.

There was no army. It was the people trying to murder him as if he was the responsible for their mourn, for their bloodshed, for their sadness and poverty. There were no battles: it was simply that old mage defending himself and killing people by the dozens, as if they had gone to war and lost. He’d be sorry for every and each of them, but could not let himself nor flee, nor lose. One has to hold his mission sacrosanct. And Olar understood that so well that he kept killing and killing.

It was scarier to see the masses treating salvation as a plague than to hear the news about the war hitting our village.

The End

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