Damage Report

Greeting, fellow Golden Thrushians!

Today on the Thrush Daily blog, I have a very special report for you on a subject that I'm sure almost everyone on the ship is curious about! You'd have to be dead to not have noticed the big fire two days ago, but I know you aren't, because there were happily no casualties, thanks to the hard work of a few individuals I'll mention later.

I've spent every waking moment since the big fire gathering all the facts and debunking the myths swirling around this incident, and now I'm here to share them with you!

Let's start by clearing a few things up. I know there was no official word for a long time on the cause of the fire, and because of this many rumors sprung up. I'm going to address some of the more popular ones here.

1. The fire started in the kitchens.
Everyone should know that Mr. Dower and Mr. Harble run an exceptionally safe and tidy kitchen, and anyone that has met either of these men would know that no fire would dare start in their kitchen.

2. The fire was started by pirates/ninjas/zombies/robots/etc.
It has been determined that the fire was started completely by accident, and in fact by one of the students aboard the ship. However, this student's identity is being protected.

3. The sprinkler system was disabled by pirates/ninjas/etc.
This rumor is actually half true. While the sprinkler system and other automatic fire-fighting devices were indeed disabled, we do not have reason to believe this was due to the involvement of any pirates or rival factions. Also, the actual fire alarm itself seemed to be functioning quite well.

Now that we've cleared that up, I will tell you what else I learned on my quest for the truth.

The fire started in the late hours of the night, and was stopped in its tracks not too long after by certain residents of The Golden Thrush, without the aid of our regular fire-fighting measures. A bucket brigade organized by the captain himself did a good job of holding back the fire, and Professor Hopkins aided in actually dousing the fire by bursting the pipes of the sprinkler system. After that, the students, professors, and crew had little difficulty getting the fire under control.

There were no deaths and very few injuries, due mostly to the early detection of the fire and the efforts of the professors to keep everyone proceeding according to the drill. A few students and teachers received minor burns and a dozen or so are being treated for mild smoke inhalation. Mr. Dower was admitted to the medical wing as well after flooding the kitchen and refusing to leave it, but he refused treatment and is already back to work again.

This reporter also received word that the mysterious new student named Joshua has gone missing, as well as a recently hired cleaning lady. Whether these two disappearances are connected is not yet known, but combined with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disabling of the sprinklers, it's not much of a stretch to believe there is something suspicious going on here.

The Golden Thrush will be docking later today to make much needed repairs and take on supplies, and will be staying ashore for a good amount of time, so make sure to ask your home room professor for a shore pass! We'll be stopping . . .

* * *

"See?" said Piper Lee, taking her laptop back and closing it as Kevin signalled he was finished reading. "I told you. My lips are sealed. The rest is just garbage about tourist attractions. I erased the original recording and everything."

"Thanks," Kevin muttered, and although he didn't sound very enthusiastic, the gratefulness he truly felt was still evident in his voice.

"Oh, I wouldn't thank me just yet, Kev. You owe me big time. I just gave up the biggest scoop of the school year for you, I'm going to make sure you make this up to me." Piper sat back down on the chair she'd moved beside Kevin's hospital bed, looking very pleased with herself.

Kevin scowled, and then winced with pain. Moving any part of his body was a painful experience; all the skin on the front of his body was raw and sore and burnt, and his hands were even worse off than that. They sat idly by his sides, heavily bandaged and painful beyond imagination, but he'd refused to take any more painkillers than were needed to keep him conscious. He felt that the pain helped him stay alert, and also that he deserved it.

"Fine," Kevin grumbled, moving his mouth as little as possible. "Leave me alone now."

"Whatever you want, Kevin. But as soon as you're well again, you're going to be a nice interviewee and answer my questions."

Kevin only glared at her in response, but she seemed content with that answer, and promptly left the room, leaving Kevin alone with his thoughts.

I need the pain. It will teach me to be more careful. But I did it! I finally accomplished my goal! Nothing stands up to the will of a White!

* * *

"Good afternoon, sir. You asked for me?"

"I did. You have the child in containment?"

A wave of fear and confusion passed through the room, and it took the false nurse (who had long since abandoned her disguise) a moment to gather her wits before she went on, speaking into the shadows of the room.

"Yes, sir. But as you can see, our efforts to contain his emotional outbursts have proved futile."

"I will speak with the Engineers about this."

"Is that all, sir?"

"No, it isn't. I am told that you granted a student the ability of pyrokinesis." The voice was clearly not pleased with this development. "Would you care to explain yourself?"

The woman lowered her gaze and spoke more quickly. "Sir, I'm sorry, but you said to use whatever means necessary. The boy had nearly unlocked the power to manipulate fire himself, I merely moved the process alo---"

"Very well. What is important is that we have the child. You are dismissed."

"Thank you, sir."

As the woman exited the room, a tall man entered and took her place.


"Have my chair brought to me. I'm going to pay the child a visit."

The End

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