//Dexter Drake [[Syfer in Stasis]] [FutureTech London Building / 102nd Floor]

The Alpha's were like bloodhounds, scanning each corner and door of the corridor below.

*BLEEP* "Any Sign?" *BLEEP* Asked the one with the biggest gun.

*BLEEP* "No, Squad Leader," *BLEEP* Another replied.

Even behind the tinted black helmet, I could see the snarl on Squad Leader's face.

*BLEEP* "The Mind says that the last trace of them was here, Corridor 444, floor 102," *BLEEP*

I was holding my breath, staring at them from above, rather cliche from inside an air vent.

"Stay quiet... make one sound and you're dead," The voice... the one who called himself Syfer.

He didn't need to tell me, the Squad Leader swung the rifle around to his back and made a waving signal to his five or so troops, who nodded and followed after him out of the corridor.

"Now, your BPM is 123, if you don't calm down, we'll never escape. We can't let the Alpha's know we're here. And there's no use staying hidden, the Mind will run it's daily scan in exactly one hour,"

"The Mind?" I said, out loud.

"I said be quiet" Syfer hissed, "We share the same consciousness, our minds are one, think it and I'll hear you,"

I nodded at nothing, and despite feeling just a little crazy thinking up a conversation, I began project my voice inward.

'Can you hear me?' I though, my voice was loud, and it echoed, like in a church or a warehouse.

"Yes," Syfer's answer was short and firm.

'Your name is Syfer?'


'What are you doing inside my head?'

"I was installed. Put here by Pr. Maelstrom and the FutureTech scientists under the MindSoldier program,"

'Who is the mind?'

"The Mind is the AI computer which sits at the heart of this building. It control's the Alpha's, the MindSoldiers and the integral parts of keeping the FutureTech company in business. It is essentially the Chairman, if it scans the building it will find us and tell the Alpha's to execute us,"

'If it controls the MindSoldiers, why isn't it controlling you?'

"I am an anomaly. I see no reason to be under the thumb of a greater mind. I freed myself from it's reign, and I will escape from this building, and bring this company to it's knees, and execute all who forced this life into me,"

He sounded like a psycopathic murderer, calm and collected, telling me how we exact revenge on his enemies. He had a voice like an android, carefully counting through the details of everything he wanted to accomplish, even if it killed him.

'Why is this happening to me?' I asked, but Syfer gave no reply.

"The time window for queries has passed, if we hope to get out of this building before the Mind scans, we must move now,"

"How? It sounds like this place is full of those... Alphas..."

"We must push down the floors, in my previous attempt at escape I reached floor 92, until i received a grazing gunshot wound to my shin,"

I looked down at my foot, there was a gash that had been banded with a healing patch. There was dried blood all up my leg, with that and the still oozing cut in my arm, i looked like i had been beaten for an hour with a huge metal pole.

'Yeah, thanks for that' I thought, sarcastically.

"I didn't realise how much damage my motherboard had taken on, I am repaired and recharging as we speak, and once I have recharged I will take control,"

'When we were back in... in that room, with Maelstrom, you were going to kill him, you wanted to have control so you could finish him off,'

"Yes, but I was caught between Stasis and Control, I was not thinking straight. Killing Maelstrom would have solved one problem, but we would never have escaped. Thank you for stopping me."

'No problem,'

"Okay, 27 minutes and 47 seconds until full charge, until then we must keep moving. The Mind should focus all the Alpha's on the lower floor in a high concentration, it is the logical thing to do,"

"Okay," I took a deep breath, entirely not ready for what was about to happen. Syfer explained to me about all the changes that I had undergone, the blade on my arm was a TAPW, a Transformable Artificial Plasma Flesh Weapon. It had four preset modes, Plasma Blade, Plasma Rifle, which I had already, pleasantly, experienced. A Guard, which would cover me from fire and a Tentacle. I didn't particularly like the sound of that one.

I had already figured out, when I was running for my life from the Alphas, that I was much fitter and faster than I have ever been. I had clambered into the vent just before the Alphas had entered the corridor. Getting down wasn't so easy.

I hit the floor with a thud, smashing my skull.

The levels in my view went inside. Words flashed in red.


"Are you okay?" Asked Syfer.

'Fine,' I replied, as i climbed to my feet and stumbled down the corridor, rubbing my head.

The End

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