//Dexter Drake [[Syfer in Stasis]] [FutureTech London Building / 104th Floor]

One minute, pain.

Horrific, blood churning, tear summoning pain as a sharp object cut into my skin, deeply. Warm blood was trickling down my arm, I scrunched my eyes shut and wriggled as much as i could.

The next, Maelstrom was up against the wall, a long, evil looking silvery purple blade pressed against his neck. The blade was growing from an arm... my arm. I snapped fully back into life. He was gagging as the razor shape sword began to slowly cut into his neck.

Then a voice. My eyes burned for a minute, i blinked, not once removing the blade from Maelstrom. Then i saw light, a blood red light... but my eyes were closed...

But it wasn't just light... there were words, huge, crimson, bold, commanding words almost imprinted on the backs of my eyelids.

[[ // MindSoldier Offline Defence Program Active, Syfer In Stasis Command Mode\\ ]]

I blinked my eyes open quickly, but the words were still there. But there was more now, blinking lights and moving graphs indicating different things, they were rising and falling. A crosshair floated in the middle. I gasped, i couldn't breathe.

"What the hell!" Came a voice from inside my head. My voice. But it wasn't my voice... it was clear and powerful, like a voice ten years older than me, the voice of a drill sergeant, "Kill him, press the blade down!"

My voice cracked. 

"No!" I yelled back.

I could see Maelstrom smiling, even with the monstrous blade against his neck.

"Give me command child! Do it now! I must kill him!"

I was panicking, my own mind was yelling at me to kill a man i didn't know. What was the voice saying... give me command? I would never press the blade down, but i couldn't lift it from his neck either. Like i didn't want to kill him, but my mind refused to not let me.

"Haha," Maelstrom chuckled.

"Whats so funny!?" I roared. I never yelled, that yell had come from within me. A primal, demanding snarl. 

"The MindSoldier program is coming back online," He coughed and spluttered as the blade cut into him, "Your two consciousnesses are fighting for control,"

I didn't understand what he was saying. Then i felt it, the urge to kill rising. My arm tingled, then lifted, curling in the air, glinting in the white light. It thundered down to Maelstrom's neck with a whistle, like a guillotine. Maelstrom's face was blank, as he watched the sword heading to cause his death.

I couldn't do this, it wasn't me.

I had to fight it.

I yelled, screamed. 

It took every ounce of strength I had, but with a final push, my wrist twisted, turning the blade, flat side facing Maelstrom, it hit his head.

A dull, empty thud

The blade fell to my side about the same moment Maelstrom collapsed to the floor.

"You stupid... do you have any idea who that man is!?"

I didn't know if i was suppose to reply, I just shook my head at the wall.

"He's the one who took a year of your life from you! Took everything from you! You had your chance, I had my chance!"

I couldn't speak, I glanced at the bloody wound in the side of Maelstrom's head.

Then footsteps, heavy, booted footsteps, footsteps of many, all running in unison.

"Alphas... run,"

I was frozen, the footsteps getting closer and closer.




I didn't have to question anymore, trying to look past the clouding figures and symbols filling my eyes, I bolted out  the door, leaving Maelstrom's body, into a clinical corridor.

I picked a direction.

And ran.


The End

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