//Dexter Drake [FutureTech London Building / 104th Floor]

I snapped out of consciousness quickly and with a gasp. My eyes were blurry, the room around me was dark. Little flashing lights and sounds buzzed around me.

I was wearing a tight fitting uniform, made of a rough leather like material. It was black and covered my skin like oil. it was like an all in one, it went from my neck straight to my ankles. On my feet were a pair of heavy,  boots.

That was strange, but what was stranger was the huge, evil looking gun that grew from my arm.

I screamed.

It was unlike any gun i've ever seen, the shiny metal seemed to merge seamlessly with my skin. It grew at least three foot out, coming to a point with a mouth that looked like it should be filled with sharp teeth.

Then it hit me. All the questions, where was i? Who was i?

No, i knew that. I was Dexter Drake. I was 16, i go to Four Hills School in the small town of Eldridge, i have a mom and a sister, two dogs, two rabbits and a fish.

I looked down at the gun again. My hand was gone. Replaced by that disgusting monstrosity of... i felt sick, i retched.

My arms were strapped down by a thick metal, so were my legs, i was stuck to an uncomfortable metal chair that was bolted to the floor, in a dark room, with no memory of where i was or how i got there.

I looked at my other arm. It was fine... it looked fine, no gun or anything.

No mutant gun = normal.

I forced myself to calm down. Breathing in and out. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Or was it the other way around?

I began to panic again, my arm tensed, the gun lit up into life, a line of purple light running up it began to blare. Then it buzzed sharply, and the lights died again.

Then, i heard them.


Voices at the door.

I opened my mouth to scream.

Wait!, said my subconscious.

"Shut up, brain, i don't need you right now," I whispered back.

Think about it, dipwad, if your tied to a chair, bloody and beaten, with no memory of how you got there, then the guys outside the door conferring quietly are most probably the ones that put you there!, it said, sharply.

I was having a conversation with myself.

But it was right, they weren't exactly breaking dow the door to rescue me. So i zipped my mouth.

"I still don't get it sir, the chips have never malfunctioned, why should this Dexter be any different, the chip should have wiped all traces of him away from the body and Syfer written over his," Came a voice. A mans voice, a calm, precise voice. He was so sure that something hadn't failed when it clearly had. He had said Dexter. That was me.

"Maybe the problem is on Syfer's side," Said another. This man was worried.

"Impossible, Syfer was written to be obedient. It is physically impossible for him to disobey, it's just not in his programming," Said the first man.

"And yet he did. And there are obviously still traces of Drake still in there, when he woke up earlier, he was in a delirium, he was calling out for his mother, i'm beginning to think the problem is on your end, Maelstrom,"

"Do you perhaps have doubts in me, Mr Midnight?" Said Maelstrom.

"The MindSoldier project is costing my organisation and me a lot of money," Midnight replied, "So, if Syfer is a one off mistake, and we both better hope he was a one off mistake, i want you to get in there, salvage the parts, kill him and figure out what the hell went wrong!," Midnight sounded like he was frothing at the mouth.

"Yes sir," Maelstrom replied coldly.

Footsteps echoed down the corridor, for a split second i thought they had gone. But when i heard a sigh outside i froze.

Then the door opened, and standing in the doorway, in a long white coat, a receding hairline and a scowl on his face, was the man i guessed to be Maelstrom.

"Ah, you're awake. I don't suppose theres any point in telling you to disable, is there Syfer?," He said, flicking a switch on the wall. Lights burst into life, temporarily blinding me.

But there was that word again. Syfer.

"Listen to me, please, i have no idea whats going on... whats happening with my arm? Am i in trouble, just let me go please!," I cried trying to struggle, but the metal binds kept me in place.

For a moment, Maelstrom looked confused. Then, something clicked in his head.

"Ahh, of course, hello, Mr Drake. How wonderful to talk to you again, why i thought you were dead. Well, i knew you were dead, since i was the one who killed you," He said coldly.

The hairs on the back of my neck pricked up.

"What... who? Please..." I fought back a sob.

"Well, i'd love to chat, but for now, just lie back, this will only hurt for a few hours until we've taken everything we need,"

Then, from a hidden drawer, he pulled a long, sharp medical saw. It glinted for a moment, then he came towards me and put the metal to my skin.

And i don't know what happened next.






The End

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