//Syfer [FutureTech London Building / 92nd Floor] 

Right foot, left foot, I lifted each painful limb, throwing my weight forward every time, trying to gain some space between me and my pursuers.

I yelled as i heard a whizzing, and a sharp pain cut through my shin. A bullet had struck my skin, spraying blood ahead of me as it grazed past and continued unstoppably onward.

I lost my momentum, and stumbled forward with a yell.

I hit the ground with a dull thud, my face taking the brunt and my body rolling afterwards.

For a few seconds i thought about getting up. No point.

The chances of any escape were exactly 99.99 percent to 1, the narrow corridor had no doors leading away from it, and both ends were probably flooded with Alphas, i could take on four or five of them, but the Mind would have sent as many as it could to stop me.

So I lay there.

Soon enough an a shadow loomed over me.

  "Disable, Syfer," The beastly shadow said.

I gazed up at him. My mind ignoring the order that would have once sent it into a deep forced sleep.

"Disble, Syfer!," He repeated sternly.

I just looked up, the bright light above him burning my retinas.

He sighed and gestured with his left hand, another man came over.

He was clad in metal infused leather armour, with a reflective plate helmet protecting his face. Slug over his shoulder was a huge, deadly looking rifle.

The Alpha's were the police force of my former allies. Bred and trained to kill, even if their life is in danger. Never questioning, why?

That was why they were hunting me, i had questioned.

The Alpha looked down at me, i couldn't see it's face through the reflective helmet, but i knew it would be default, plain and emotionless.

It pointed the rifle down at me and fired.

The End

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