About a guy called Sam, he has special abilities. See what him and his friends get up to.

Okay, hi. I’m Sam, I’m fifteen. I live in an orphanage, with lots of other kids but I only have five friends. One of them is something more. Her name is Paige. Oh my god I love her so much. She is honestly the nicest person you could ever meet. Right, okay before I get carried away talking about the most amazing girl ever! Let’s get on with my story.

 Me and my friends, we’re - well, we’re kind of incredible. Not to sound too full of myself, but we’re like nothing you have ever seen before. Let’s just say we are different from the average human, I mean we are kind of human, but with special abilities. We got them when we turned 15. Keep reading this story to find out what they are. This is the story of me, and my friends: Jake, Josh, Alex, Nikki and lastly, the best out of all of them, Paige.

Welcome to our nightmare.


“You are different Sam,” whispered the strange voice. “You need to know what you really are.” “Come with me and find out Sam.” “Come with me.”

I jolted upright my head turning in all directions. I can’t see anyone. I look around no strange man, no voice telling me to come with them. I fell back on my bed, limp with relief.

Geez I hated that dream. It was always the same: I would hear whispering, I would walk over to the sound, I wouldn’t be able to see anyone, the whispering would come closer and closer until it was right next to my left ear and it would say those words over and over again.

It was chilly but I managed to get out of my warm, cozy bed. I looked around the room, everything was exactly the same, except my bed of course, it was all messy, just like it was every time I woke up. I looked at the other beds in the room; there are six beds all together, mine, Paige’s, which is next to mine and my four friends.  They were all sound asleep and if you’re wondering, yes we are allowed to sleep, in the same room. The orphanage thinks we are old enough not to do anything stupid. I took a long look at Paige. Every time I look at her I get a burst of energy, I only have to look at her perfect face and her long brown curly, sweet-smelling hair. I can hear her breathing, the slow gusts of air going in and out of her nose. Yeah well, the room we are in isn’t very nice to be perfectly honest, the walls are just white with nothing on them and the floor is brown and hard and extremely cold. It is also just a rectangle with no windows. It feels like a prison. Except we could get out extremely easily.

So now for my friends and there’re abilities, I bet you’re getting sick of Paige already. First of all there is Jake: he is a bit smaller than me, he has short blonde hair and blazing blue eyes. His ability is to be able to read minds and super strength. It always makes me laugh because he has the thinnest arms ever and when I try and beat him in an arm wrestle, I can move him a bit but I’m too easy for him and I’m the second strongest. I mean we are all a lot stronger than the average human, it’s just that Jake is stronger than all of us.

Then there is Alex who is Jake’s girlfriend, she has straight long light brown hair. She is tall, slender and always peaceful. Her ability is to make everyone peaceful around her just by getting them to look her in the face.

 There is josh. He has light brown hair, and he is quite tall. His ability is to create high pitched sounds using his voice. So all he has to do is scream and it will give us headaches for days.

There is Nikki who is Josh’s girlfriend, she has very dark black hair and is the quiet one of the group. Her ability is to get people to do what she wants them to. Except us I don’t know why but her ability has no effect on us. Which I guess is a good thing. But our abilities have no effect on her either.

 There is the gorgeous Paige who loves me to bits obviously, but I don’t know anyone who has a bigger heart than her. She is slim and so beautiful. Her ability is to see the future. But it only happens when it’s about one of us, she also has the ability to smile at someone and they will just be all over her instantly, so Alex has had to calm me down a number of times.

Finally, there is me. Well apart from being totally awesome, I have dark brown hair, it’s quite long, I mean it’s not short but it’s not long like a girls so its medium length. I’m quite tall and I have blue eyes. I’m a slim boy for someone who eats so much, I mean we all eat more than the average human but I eat the most. I’m also very muscular. I have the ability of super speed so I am super fast and I can figure out stuff easily, like for example I can read people’s faces easily, so if there is something wrong with them I will always know.

Now, for how we got these abilities. On the day I turned 15, I was missing; no one could find me anywhere, I was just gone, my friends found me the next day in my bed. I felt different, and when I got up everyone looked at me in astonishment, I didn’t know why, so I asked and they said I got up in less than a second, they said I was really fast the way I did it. So I tried running and I ran so fast I could run up the wall and on the ceiling, so long as I didn’t stop. So then I learned about my ability and now I can control it. My other ability, I don’t know how to control it, it just happens, if someone asks me a question like what’s wrong with Alex, I can tell them, because I think about how she has been acting and her facial expressions and her body movements and I can give them an answer. It’s great, no one can keep things from me, except Nikki who shows no facial expressions and her body movement is always the same.

Then at everyone else’s birthday exactly the same thing happened, they went missing: we couldn’t find them anywhere. When it was Paige’s birthday I was like a guard, I didn’t go to sleep I just sat on her bed waiting for someone to take her. But I finally fell asleep for about 2 minutes and she was gone, I went crazy but Alex calmed me down. She came back the next day with her ability.

But now I’ve started getting flashbacks about it all and no one else has. I keep seeing my orphanage teachers in them, and I don’t recognise the room we are in and I’m lying down while they are all crowded over me. I haven’t told anyone about the flashbacks, not even Paige because I don’t want to worry them. But Jake knows because of the whole mind reading thing. I have talked to him about it and we decided once we were all 15 we would run away. But now Nikki is a bit sick so we have decided to leave on my birthday the 5th November 1993. I have never really thought about where I came from I just think about the present and about my friends, and about their safety, I feel responsible for them because I am the oldest and definitely the wisest of the pack. So I feel I need to be the leader.

The End

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