A Change of Clothes for Abii!

Abii fell for what felt like an eternity, her voice was growing hoarse from her screams. She tried to grab onto the things that covered the sides of the hole.

It was a odd assortment of items, jam, tables, piano's; she even spotted a set of playing cards. But that was not the matter to focus on at the moment, because, the fact was that she was falling at a considerable speed and wouldn't she surely reach the other side of the world now? She recalled seeing a TV programme about how if you jumped into a tube from one side of the earth to the other, it'd take you twelve minutes. 

When she remember this terrifying fact, her screeches grew louder and louder by the second, she tried frantically to cling onto the sides in a dire hope that she may have been able to climb back up to the top. She did this every few seconds or so, each time with no avail.

'Let me reach the bottom, dammit!' Abii shouted, as if someone could hear her. 

But it appeared someone had, she landed on the floor with a loud thud.

She stood up, unscathed yet a bit shaken. As she got up, her dress rustled beneath her.. . 

Dress?! Abii looked down at herself, and yes indeed, she was wearing a pale blue dress with a crisp white apron tied around it. She frowned as she felt the top of her head, a giant ribbon lay on top her her golden, curly hair. . .

Blonde hair?! Abii never recalled having blonde hair, she rushed to a door which had a window on, she studied her newly coloured hair and noticed a pair of bright blue eyes that were not her's staring back at her. Abii frowned, she looked nothing alike to herself anymore!

'What's with this getup?' Abii grunted, patting her body, as if to see if the old-fashioned outfit would disappear. Which it did not.

She sighed at looked around, she saw many doors around the circular room, but none of them appeared to bear door handles, to Abii's great disappointment. How was she going to get out of this nasty predicament without a door? Or some form of exit?

She walked around the edge of the room, as if she'd suddenly find a working door.

Abii stopped at a long, draping curtain. She grinned to herself as she flipped it away, she looked the wall up and down twice before noticing the little door at the bottom.

'This really sucks.' She mumbled in a tired voice, 'but, on with the dream, I'm guessing. . .'

She picked up a little key which lay beside the door and opened it. The door itself was only about thirty centermetres  in high anyway, so there was no chance of Abii fitting through it. Once the door was open, Abii tried poked her head through, but it didn't really fit.

She turned around and around, as if to find another key which somehow opened one of the other doors.

But went back to the door empty handed. But, alas! There was a small cup next to the door that said DRINK ME!!!! in bold lettering, Abii, lost of all hope, picked up the tiny cup, which was even smaller than a shot glass, and downed it.

A bitter taste rushed over her tongue, drying out her mouth; making her feel sick. She gagged as the mysterious liquid somehow forced itself down her neck, not allowing her to breath.

'Ugh. .. ' She gurgled, then she went stiff as she felt a peculiar sensation take over her body, Abii squeaked and yelped as her body seemed to fall in on itself before picking all of the skin and clothing up and smashing them back together in one, very small Abii!

Abii rushed back to the door and the key.  She grabbed the key and pulled it. Abii fell over, hitting her knee.

'Ahh?!' She cried as she tried again and again to lift up the heavy key, 'no, no no!'

She sat down on the  floor with her head in her hands, Abii felt like crying. She was never going to get out of this crazy dream now!

Abii looked up, tearing dripping down her cheeks. Her face lit up, because right in front of her was a little cake that said, in icing, EAT ME!!! Abii gave a little scream of delight as she rushed over to the cake.

She took a large bite from it and started the grow. . .



The End

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