Abii in Wonderland

What would you do if you followed a crazy-ass rabbit down a giant hole, and it's another world when you got there. Oh yeah, everyone calls you Alice and tells you to drink tea at midnight,, , ,

Abii sat down on the blanket which was layed across the little ledge that had a nice veiw of the river.

'Sis, what's it like to be in love?' She asked Naiome, her sister who was streamched out lazily across a patch of grass.

'Love? It's amazing. It's like one million butterflies fluttering around inside your tummy all at once. And when your loved one smiles at you--' Naiome broke of to squeal in delight.

'Is it really all that awesome?' Abii said doubtfully.

'You'll know when you do.' Naiome sighed, returning to the book she was reading. 

'Hm.' Abii muttered, laying down on her blanket.

A few moment's later, she heard her sister mumbled something to her, but she didn't quite catch it. It was muffled, as though she had something over her mouth. But Abii was already drifting off, and didn't really mind that she didn't hear what had been said.

About five minutes later, Abii was sprawled out on the blanket, snoring loudly, her mouth ready to catch flies.

'What an odd way to lay down!' A voice exclaimed. Abii woke with a start, sitting bolt upright, looking around to see who'd spoken to her.

No one.

'Oh well, just me imaging things. . .' Abii mumbled, flopping back down on the blanket. She was sweating in the heat of the day. Her skin had turned slightly pink and she was dying for some shade. But, because fate had decided to hate her, there were no tree's for a good thirty metre's and Abii liked to sit by the river.

For a second, she contemplated jumping into the waters soothing depths, but rethought it as she stared down at her clothes. Not a very practical thing to do.

Abii wished she had brought a spare skirt with her, the jeans she was wearing, although they were loose, her sticking to her thighs.

'It's far too hot. . .' Abii burbled, sinking into the blanket, 'far too hot. . .'

'No! That's wrong! Your supposed to follow me, idiot!' A voice squeaked, 'come on! Follow the peculiar rabbit in the waistcoat!'

Abii sat up and frowned. 'Naiome, stop being stupid. It's hot and I'm feeling irritable!' She groaned.

'Hello?! Why are you ignoring me?!'

'I'm not, go away! Just go away, I'm sleepy!' Abii shouted.

'No need to shout, Alice.'

Abii managed to push her sweaty body up with great difficulty, she looked around and gasped.

A large rabbit was sat on the edge of her blanket, looking angry(if rabbit's could look angry).

'What the heck are you?!' Abii asked, shocked, 'jeez, my dreams just get weirder and weirder.'

'This is not a dream, Alice. You've forgotten already? Oh my, we can't be having this. . .'

'Look, my name is Abii. Not Alice. And I don't need some weird hare talking to me right now--'

'I am a rabbit!'

'Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say little hare.' Abii snapped, she was feeling moody and just wanted to wake up. This dream was way too confusing.

'Oh dear. I guess I'll have to force you to cooperate!' The little white rabbit grunted, it hopped forward and closed it sharp teeth around Abii's ankle. She yelped in pain and jumped up.

'Why you little--!' Abii limped after the white rabbit who was quickly exiting the scene, 'get back here.. . .AHHHH!!!' 

Abii screamed in fear and shock as she tumbled down a giant hole, she fell and fell. . .and fell. . .

The End

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