Krishna's Vision

The sea breeze blew in through the western windows. In the calm of the night, even the sound of the distant waves were clearly audible. Krishna tossed in his bed with various thoughts keeping him awake. Beside him, a peaceful Bhadra was fast asleep with a smile on her lips probably dreaming of moments of passion she experienced after a long wait. 

Bhadra would also have found peace after unburdening her worries to her Lord whom she and many others considered a God. Krishna, as an affectionate husband had allayed her worries as any loving husband would. But his words meant a final solution to anyone's problems and he had lived up to this reputation all his life and this only brought him further difficult challenges. 

Krishna gently moved aside Bhadra's hand that had sort of half embraced him even as she slept. He got up from his bed and moved to the window, pondering over the issue that worried Bhadra earlier. Her brothers, the princes of Kekaya faced a crisis. They used to have minor skirmishes with their cousins who ruled over Northern Kekaya. Recently through mean, foul and fair, they had systematically encroached into the southern territories. As a result Bhadra's brothers were left with a miniscule part of the province. A battlefield would only cause more harm as the numbers mattered here.

Krishna was disappointed at the state of his aunt's sons. It was not long before the sons of his other aunt Kunti who was married to Pandu of the Kurus had finally found their rightful place among the Kings of Aryavarta. The five brothers popularly known as Pandavas had for years, faced a series of hurdles by their paternal Cousins, the sons of Dhritarashtra, the Kuru Monarch. The eldest of their cousins, Duryodhana was rumoured to have plotted to have the five brothers burnt alive at Vaaranavarta. 

It was due to the efforts of the wise Vidura and Grandsire Bhishma at the Kuru household that they escaped alive. Destiny smiled on their incessant efforts to standby Dharma and they won the hand of the princess of Panchaala, the Daughter of Yajnasena Drupada. 

He, Krishna had then exerted his diplomatic best to ensure that the Pandavas and their new bride got their rightful share of the Kuru province which they named as Indraprastha. Thus assisted by his Yadava friends, allies from Panchaala and Matsya, Pandavas started to emerge as formiddable Nemesis to the otherwise doubtable Duryodhana and the world looked upon them as the epitome of Dharma.

Hardly an year had passed after what Krishna had thought as the stabilizing of Dharmic power in the North when the rivalling forces started consolidating themselves. His own cousins, the twin princes of Avanti had decided to ally with Duryodhana and had even resorted to offer him the hand of their sister Mitravinda in the mask of a Swayamvara. Krishna had in the nick of the moment, stopped their moves and married the fair Mitravinda who loved him since her early teens. The princes of Avanthi as a result only turned more bitter.

The dangers from the emperor of Magadha had not been completely subdued. Jarasandha had always persecuted the Yadavas since Krishna had killed the insecure despotic Kamsa in Mathura. The following events forced the entire Yadava host to shift to Saurashtra after which their wheel of fortune favoured the incessant endeavours of the enterprising Yadavas.

Krishna once again counted the hostile forces that could offer a potential resistance to the Pandava progress. The hostile Kekayas would cut Indraprastha from the friendly Madra. It could block one highway between Saurashtra and Indraprastha too. On the eastern other side, the main Kuru lands separated Indraprastha from their strongest ally, the Panchalaas, the maternal home of the Pandava empress Draupadi. Elders like Bhishma and Vidura would surely resist any means to persecute the Pandavas by cutting them  from Panchala. But Duryodhana mentored by his uncle Shakuni could not be trusted for long. Drupada, the Lord of Panchala was also kept busy by Jarasandha from the South.

Though the danger looked distant, the possible nexus between all these forces would isolate the Pandavas, the yadavas and the Panchalas. To stop this, the sentral forces of the Pandavas need to assert their dominion soon and crush atleast the bigger dangers like Jarasandha and surrounding forces.

Krishna smiled as the solution dawned on him. Yes the Pandavas need to perform the Rajasuya. The eldest, Yudhishtira should be recognized as the Chakravarty, the supreme emperor. This was crucial for the establishment of Dharma. To enable this, the Yadavas would need to freely move to and from Indraprastha. And the only highway left now follows the banks of Mahi, borders Avanthi and goes into Matsya before reaching Indraprastha. At the borders of Avanthi, The Lord of Anagha had direct access to the highway and it was important to shield him from the influence of the twin princes of Avanthi.

Mitravinda had been right in guessing the moves of her brothers. Krishna pondered over the situation. If the twins are to be curtailed, the war drums need to be beaten in the Pandava capital. Krishna's mind relaxed after he resolved so. He turned and moved back to the cot where Bhadra had begun to sense his absence. He saw her hand groping over the bed to find him. He quickly moved to her side and took her close. The woman's fraternal concern had made him hit upon a seemingly lasting solution to establish Dharma.

"Faith of the woman is man's best ally, after all." He thought to himself, tenderly brushing Bhadra's hair.

The End

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