Abercus High School - A School of Vampires

A group of vampires at a secret vampiric boarding school are under threat from vampire hunters. They must hunt whilst trying not to be spotted. (Inspired by Vampire Mansion and Return to Vampire Mansion)
Join if you want! No more than around five people writing, though.

Gendre: Male/Female

Age: 75 (Looks 17) 

Full Name (Please state in BLOCK CAPITALS): Seth Trotter

Address: London, Enfield

Postcode: EN1 1RS

Date of Birth: 1/Jan/1936

Date of Re-Birth: 4/Jan/1953

Vampire Type: Olympic

Reason for Wanting to Attend Abercus High: Nowhere to live anymore, and there is much for me to learn.

Signed: Seth Trotter

The End

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