Space creatures and bewildered females.

            She slept in the warm silence of her pink painted bedroom. Her curtains hung over the gloom of the moon, the shimmer of light broke past it's shears, and onto her serene face.

She dreamt deeply of her life; Simple and fair.

She dreamt of a knight floating in mid air.

Then for a moment she felt spiders crawling through her hair.

She awoke with start, and noticed her bed was gone. With it her room replaced with the lawn. Her feet resting on dew sprinkled grass. Her hair was floating past her shoulders sweaty clasp.

Her eyes wide as the moon, floating up high. She lost all balance and started to cry. A light from above lit on her face. lifting her up from a very dark place.

But it was not god who comforted her now, but a strange visible ship calling to her.


"Hao? What's hao mean?"  She asked to the light.

"Hello, fair female. I take you up high. you will never return home. For you must stay with I."

"Who are you strange light, why am I floating now? Put me down this instant! Or I will kill you some how."

The light bellowed at her feeble attempts, "You have no chance, and soon memory will be lost. Quit your squirming." He replied with a push of a green flickering button.

Her legs were stuck together along with her arms at her side. What was this that possesed her?  Who was it that took her this night?

"I am Redogi Relnondie. and you are now my pet. You will learn to obey, or be punished by this shocking net."

The girl who was only moments ago, sleeping soundly in her humble abode. Shaking her head, for that's all that could move, and she spoke to Redogi, "This is all a dream! I do not believe you!"

Redogi approached with a mask for her face, that secreted a gas for the loss of her memory, family, and woe, "Sure it is pet. Now sleep once more, and awake in your bed." He lied.

She closed her eyes tight and breathed the vapors. But she was not in her bed when she woke. She was in a very large dog bed, with a name stiched with love, and tall lanky Aliens showered her from above; with treats and compliments and a spank if she was not good. She had no remembrance for her past life, living in this life was all she knew now. Being a good pet, wearing pink giant sweaters and kisses, was all she knew how.

Her new life was nice, never having to work. But somewhere deep down she missed something. But what?

She shrugged and sighed and drank from a dish.

She slept soundly in her little pink bed, dreaming very peacefully of another world inside her head.

The end.

The End

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