Laura's missingMature

John and Laura's Apartment. Cherry Hill residential Sector. Boston. 11.32pm.

John grabbed his phone from his pocket.


The voice that returned was not that of Laura.

"Ah, Agent Rivers I see your missing someone"

John's grip on the phone was getting tighter, his heart was racing. Anger coursed through his veins. His pupils dilated slightly, he had a tear in his eyes. He felt helpless.

"Where's Laura' I'll kill you if you have hurt her Taylor"

"Calm down Agent Rivers, she's quite safe for the moment"

John could hear her in the background shouting and crying.

"Where is she, what do you want?".

"I need your help Agent Rive..."

"No! I'm not going to help you I'm going to kill you"

John's face was red, the frustration was evident in his voice. Taylor's voice was in comparison calm and calculated.

"I don't think you understand the severity of your situation, or should we say Laura's situation" he paused to give John time to reevaluate his thoughts

"So Agent Rivers do we have an agreement"

John had to give in to Taylor's demand.

"What the hell do you want, don't hurt her. I'll do what you want"

"On your kitchen table you will find a key"

John ran in to the kitchen, there on the table was a small brass key.

"OK I have it, what now?"

"Now you have a choice to make Agent Rivers"

"What choice! What do you want?"

"That key opens a locker at Boston South Station, in that locker is the location of a bomb. You've seen what my gas is capable of, imagine that on a much larger scale".

"Wait, wait where's Laura?"

"Oh yes sweet Laura, well there's your choice Agent Rivers" he paused.

"The bomb goes off in thirty minutes Agent Rivers, and Laura will be injected with my serum at the same time. So which one to save? Laura's is in the abandoned warehouse you visited to find our dead friend recently"

"No! Wait! We can work this out. What do you want?"

"Goodbye Mr Rivers. Good hunting".

The line went dead. He turned to Johnson.

"This is bad, but hopefully he doesn't know you're here".

Johnson leaned across the kitchen table.

"OK so what's the plan then?".

"I'll go to the warehouse, you to the station"

Johnson turned and started to run out of the apartment.

"Good luck Rivers, call me"

"You to"

He left the apartment.

The End

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