Doyle's briefingMature

Boston FBI Headquarters. One Centre Plaza, Mission Hill District. Boston. 8.26am.

"Rivers, Johnson, my office. What have got from the tapes?"

Johnson shrugged her shoulders.

"We got nothing from the club tapes".

John slid a file over the desk.

"The passenger was called Heinrich Svenson". Doyle frowned.

"This is bad, very bad. He's a runner for Taylor" Rivers nodded his head.

"So what's the story with Taylor. You know him right" Doyle got up and walked to the window.

"Yeah I know this S.O.B. He used to be an agent, he went off grid two years ago. Since then we haven't heard anything about him. Presumed dead."

"What would he want with the resonator?"

"I don't know, but I can tell you this, he's dangerous. He killed his partner before he went missing"

Johnson grabbed the file.

"So do you think this is part of something bigger, some kind of master plan"

Doyle passed another file over.

"This is all we have on Svenson, get over to his place and check it out"

Doyle had a look of concern on his face. He was rattled.

"Be careful these guys are playing for keeps"

"We will"

"Hey you two, keep me informed"


They left the office.

As they made their way down to the garage. Johnson was concerned.

"Who is this guy. He's just killed eighty two people"

"Well there is something else that we have missed" John was focused in his thoughts.

"OK go on?"

"Well we thought that the drug was administered in the victims drinks, in the clubs"

"Right; you changed your mind?"

"Well he couldn't have laced everyone's drink or food on the plane, there's just too many of them" John paused.

"It has to airborne"

"But how did Svenson survive?"

"There must be an antidote"

"Right he couldn't have got a gas mask on the plane so it must be something else"

They left the garage headed to Svenson's apartment.

Heinrich Svenson's Apartment. Downtown Crossing Residential Sector, Boston. 9.48am.

Rivers and Johnson drew their guns as they arrived at the door. Rivers knocked on the door and stepped back. There was no reply. Johnson started to pick the lock.

"It's unfortunate that he left his door unlocked" she raised her eyebrows.

They entered the apartment guns raised checking the rooms as they moved through. It was sparse, there was hardly any signs that it had been used. By the phone Johnson found a pad with a scribbled note.

"Rivers get in here"

John ran in the room.

"What you got?"

"This is not good"

"What is it?"

"It's your address Rivers"

Fear immediately ran through his mind. He had only one thought.


"Let's go! I need to get home"

He knew that by now Laura would be home. He grabbed his phone and dialled Laura's number.

"It going strait to her voicemail"

"Come on, let's go!"

They arrived at John's apartment to find the front door ajar. John ran in.


She wasn't there. Then his phone rang.

The End

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