Laura and Kowolski's catsMature

John and Laura's Apartment, Cherry Hill Residential Sector, Boston. 7.30pm.

"Are you OK John?"

The concern in Laura voice was evident. John hugged her.

"I'm fine" he led her to the living room.

"What's happened" she stared at him.

"Have you found out what happened to you?"

John smiled he wanted to reassure her.

"Nothing yet, don't worry" he paused "I checked the surveillance tapes, there was no sign of a break in" he held her hand.

"Please don't worry". He could see in her eyes, she was worried.

"Look what I have concluded is that if they had wanted to hurt you they would have done" he released his grip on her hand slowly.

"What ever they wanted, it was to do with me". Laura sighed.

"So I can go back to work tomorrow?"

"Yes baby you can go to work, there might be an outbreak of iguana flu or even something dangerous". She thumped him on the arm.

They both smiled. John had already set up a surveillance team to watch her covertly. He had decided not to tell her, she wouldn't know they were there anyway. He just wanted to be safe, to make sure she was safe. In truth he had no idea what they wanted or who they were.

Laura was in the kitchen cooking, when John came out of the bathroom after a shower.

"I did get some work done today" she called along the hall. She paused, she remembered he had said no one in, no one out.

"What work?"

"I cured one of Mrs Kowolski's cats" she smiled. "It wasn't feeling well" her smile became a beam and she let out a small laugh.

"I thought I said..."

"I know, but she was distraught".

Nothing had happened so John let it go. He knew how hard it was for her, she was such a compassionate soul. He shouted back down the hall.

"Good, it's quite a skill fixing invisible cats"

They sat at the dining table to eat and they drank a glass of wine.They discussed the daily news. Sarah most upset by the news.

"40 people died last night in the flares, it's all over the news".

Sarah struggled to understand why people would risk being out when the curfew was in effect.

"There's a lot of crazy folks out there Laura, 40 less of them now".

John's opinion was less compassionate about people than hers. He saw the darker side of people's personalities on a day to day basis.

The evening drew to a close and they went to bed. Laura didn't want to be alone, neither did John to be honest. She slowly crawled under the covers and snuggled her back in to John. They spooned up in the bed. Laura could feel his breath on her neck. He gently whispered "I love you, I won't let anything happen to you, ever." She felt safe with his arm draped across her waist. She smiled and drifted off to sleep.

At 5.32am John was woken by his phone ringing.

"Rivers" John's voice was broken and croaky.

"Rivers, I need you and Johnson to get to Utica immediately"

 John sat up in the bed and frowned. "Utica?"

Sarah stirred "Utica?" she mumbled. John tucked the duvet behind her. He got up and walked to the bathroom. even though he covered his phone with his hand he could still hear Doyle.

"Rivers! Do you hear me Utica!"

"I'm here boss, why Utica?" He paused.

"Has there been another murder?"

"John it's as you feared, it's something much bigger".

John focused his mind.

"How much bigger?"

"Johnsons on her way over, she'll brief you on the way there's a chopper on the tarmac at Beverley"

"I'm on it"

Doyle's voice changed.

"I want these bastards".

The End

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