Flight 267Mature

Boston Logan International Airport, Boston. Terminal 2, Departures Lounge. 8.45am.

Heinrich sat in the busy airport terminal. He was focused on the task at hand. A single bead of sweat formed on his forehead and ran down his temple.

"Final call for flight 267 to Las Vegas now boarding at gate 6, will passengers please go to the gate for immediate boarding please". Heinrich slowly walked towards the gate. The hostess smiled as he arrived.

"Boarding pass please" he handed her the pass.

"Business or pleasure?" he looked up at her and made no reply.

"OK, here you are sir". He walked on to the plane.

At exactly 27 minutes in to the flight, Heinrich took a blue tablet out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth. He unscrewed a cap from a water bottle and took a large gulp. He swallowed the pill. At precisely 38 minutes in to the flight he took a small glass bottle out of his pocket. He simply opened it and waffled his hand across the top of it.

Within seconds the passenger sat next to him began to cough violently, then another. The coughing spread out in a circle from Heinrich's seat. He remained calm. A hostess made her way down the isle to see what was happening. The passenger nearest to Heinrich had steam coming from his body. He was already dead.

The hostess arrived and immediately started coughing she dropped to her knees screaming, by the time she had fell to the floor, she was dead. Heinrich slowly got up from his seat and made his way to the cock pit just as he got there the plane made a violent turn to the left.

He entered the cockpit dragged the dead pilot out of his seat and took control of the plane. He looked down at the instrument panel and switched off the transponder. The plane flew away to the east. He changed the waveband of the radio.

"I have it" the radio hummed for a second then the reply.

"We are waiting at the airfield, was it successful?"

"Yes they are all dead"

"Excellent, and it is on board?"

"Yes it is"

The plane flew east for another half a hour then it landed at the makeshift runway in a field outside the town of Utica.

The End

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