Laura released her grip to allow John to reach over for his phone.


It was Doyle, his boss. He was an uncompromising man who stood by his officers no matter what. He was not fond of failure and was not afraid to tell his subordinates how he felt about situations no holes barred.

"There's  been another murder, same MO...bone dry" he paused.

"I want you on the scene ASAP, Johnson is on her way over".

"I've had a bad night" he stumbled for words he was still emotional.

"Get your SHIT together Rivers, she'll be there in 15 minutes"

"OK" he had forced himself to get his focus back.

"I'll be waiting"

"You just make sure you fucking are! I've had a bad night. What do you think this is kinderfucking garden" John could hear him screaming down the phone as he hung up.

"John what about last night"

"I'll speak to Doyle later when he's calmed down". He thought about Laura.

"I'd like you to stay at home today, I'll station a guard down stairs" he could see the disappointment in her eyes.

"Look it's just a precaution; just today. I promise"  he paused.

"After I go down to the scene, I'll pull the surveillance footage and see what I can find" he grabbed her hand.

"Don't worry Laura, I'll get to the bottom of this"

He showered and got ready to leave, he had just holstered his gun when he heard a horn blow.

"Lock the door behind me, nobody in, nobody out that's the rule. Just today, promise?"

Laura smiled "promise" she kissed him on the cheek then locked the door.

Abandoned Warehouse. Industrial Sector, Boston. 7.45am.

The warehouse must have been abandoned for many years. Almost every window was smashed. Indentations left by machinery were covered with dirt and patches of grass which grew in the streams of light that came through the holes in the roof. A uniformed policeman greeted them as they arrived.

"We have one male we think"

"We think?" Rivers was puzzled.

He reached in to his pocket and grabbed his CED crime scene evidence device. He pointed it at the ground. It scanned as he slowly moved it over the floor near the entrance.

"Why do you say, we think?"

"It's been here a long time it's all dried out"

They stepped through a muddy patch John nudged Johnson.

"Fresh tracks near the door" he touched his finger on the screen "I've sent them for analysis".

The police officer stopped walking.

"OK boss here it is, I ain't seen nothing like this before"

Johnson turned the policeman away and patted his back.

"Great we'll take it from here" she patted him again.

"Make sure no one comes through here".

John was standing over the body, like the others it had had all the moisture removed from it somehow. It was lying face down, John took a wallet from the man's back pocket and started to flick through it.

"He's called Steve Reynolds, Boston address" he pulled out some other cards.

"I'll run the name see if we have anything on him".

Just as he finished speaking John saw a blinding flash of light, the pain in his head was intense he saw the face peering over him again.


He staggered, another flash the pain intensified. He staggered again and stood on the victims hand. With a crunch, it disintegrated to powder under the weight of his foot. Johnson grabbed him.

"Rivers, Rivers! Are you OK?". By now the pain and light were subsiding.

"Yeah, yeah I'm OK"

"What happened?"

John paused, his vision clearing.

"I don't know, I'm OK".

"You stood on our dead guy".

"John looked down at the hand.

"shit, wait what's that?"

He bent down in the dust of the hand he could see a crumpled business card. He gently removed it.

"What is it?"

"A nightclub, the Commodore Club"

"I know it".

Johnson started flicking through pages on her ipad, as she got to the webpage, she looked up to see Doyle walking over. Johnson nudged Rivers.

"Let me handle this" Doyle arrived. Johnson stepped forward.

"We have a lead, Doyle". Doyle glanced down at the body.

"What happened to the guys hand?"

"Rivers' decided to stamp his authority on the situation"

"Jesus, Rivers what the fuck are you playing at?". There was disappointment, and anger in his voice.

"We got a lead out of it"

Johnson was trying to turn the situation around, she thrust the card in his hand. Doyle looked at the card with contempt.

"Get yourselves over there and get me something solid" he paused "and try not to fuck it up!"

As they were leaving the forensic team was just arriving. Rivers turned to Johnson.

"Leave it to me, Rivers, authority, situation. Jesus Johnson"

"Yeah well, just get your shit together or both our heads will be on the line". Rivers nodded.

"I'm good"


It was about an hours drive to the club. Rivers was thinking about the victims.

"Look we can't find any link to the victims right" Johnson nodded.

"OK, what you thinking?" She slowed down for the traffic lights.

"What if there is no link, what if these were just random victims"

"OK why?"

"Maybe they were just testing their method, perfecting their product for something bigger"

"So where does the club fit in to it"

"That's where they get their random victims from" Rivers paused.

"They're all males right; so were probably looking for a woman, she picks them up in a club and administers some kind of drug" Johnson nodded again.

"Well it's unlikely she would be working on her own, I'll pull the surveillance footage from the club that might show up something"

"OK drop me off at home I need to check something there" Johnson frowned.


"Not this case, just something I've been working on". She pulled up outside his apartment

"Call me if you find anything on the tapes"

"I will"

John and Laura's Apartment. Chestnut Hill Residential Sector, Boston. 6.32pm.

John knocked on the door of the security office for his building. A young man wearing a blue jacket with bright yellow letters saying 'SECURITY' opened the door.

"Hello Mr Rivers, how can I help you"

"I need to check the surveillance tapes from last night".

The security guard paused "I'm not really supposed to.."

John pulled out his ID.

"It's official FBI business"

"Oh, Ok no problem I'll pull them up now".

He scanned the tapes but to no avail.

Laura heard a knock on the door, it made her jump. She walked over to the door and peaked through the spy hole. She frantically opened the door and flung her arms around John.

"Thank God your safe".

They went inside the apartment and closed the door.

The End

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