4th KindMature

By ten o'clock they had finished the bottle of wine and were lazing on the settee. She had her head in his lap, John gently stroked her head as they talked. A lot of John's work was classified but he spoke to Laura about most things, he often left out the gory details as not to scare her.

He could tell she was feeling sleepy so he helped her up and they went to bed. The large flat had two bedrooms but sometimes in the winter she would crawl in with John and snuggle up to get warm. He didn't mind, sometimes he felt lonely and he liked it. They had kissed several times and occasionally the kissing had got very heavy but they had never taken the next step. They both knew that would change everything and neither of them wanted to spoil what they had together.

John's head hit his pillow it was warm, the air would be baking outside by now. The air conditioning was struggling to keep the temperature down in the flat. Slowly he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up to hear a metallic clank, he was slightly disorientated and felt like he was in water floating. The light was bright, so bright he could hardly open his eyes, he could feel tears developing and running down the side of his face. He tried to roll over but he couldn't move. He opened his mouth to shout but no sound came out. He heard the metallic clank again, he knew the noise. It was the noise you hear in the pathology lab when instruments are dropped in to the metal dish. Panic started to race through his mind. His training started to kick in he'd probably been kidnapped and drugged. He heard strange noises, he tried to move again. He was frozen.

Suddenly a figure seemed to appear in front of him peering over him. He tried to focus, the figures head was big. He blinked several times trying to get his eyes to work. He felt a prick in his arm then he passed out. Just before he lost consciousness the thought flashed through his mind.


He woke up the next morning he was home, his head was fuzzy he got out of bed his legs gave way and he dropped to his knees.

"My God, John are you OK?"

Laura had brought him a cup of coffee. She ran over and helped him up, he sat on the edge of the bed. He grabbed round her waist.

"Thank God, you're OK"

"John, what are you talking about?"

John shook his head. "Something happened to me last night". Laura frowned.

"What happened?" She saw his hands were shaking "baby it's OK". She turned his head and looked in to his eyes.

"Baby it's OK" he started to cry. She hugged him and he sobbed.

"I thought they'd hurt you"

"Who John? I don't understand you were here last night with me"

John put his head in his hands.

"After we went to sleep, they must have broke in and drugged me". Sarah was starting to feel frightened, John wasn't like this he never lost his cool.

"John, nothing's broken in the flat" she paused "maybe the solar flares made you have a nightmare. They were the worst in ages?" John thought about it.

"Wait, they drugged me"

"Who John?" John looked down at his arm.

"Look track marks" Sarah rubbed her thumb over the mark.

"My God John" who did this too you?". Now there was fright in her voice.

His phone rang...

The End

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