Abducted DiamondsMature

Sarha Danton is a model for Fitzpatrick jewellers. One night when she is modeling a diamond along with nine other girls, something terrible happens. 7 of the girls are abducted, along with their diamonds, and Sarah must race to save their jewels... and their lives.

The Worsted Ballroom sparkled on the dark street like one of the diamonds that it housed. It was the annual Fitzpatrick Jewellers Auction, and gem fanatics from all over the world flocked to the front entrance. Elegant women and distinctive gentleman, all with precious stones adorning them, waltzed up the front steps. Inside, the walls were cast in a golden glow by the chandeliers that twinkled above the thousands of jewellers and other rich party goers. They sipped champagne as the looked through the items up for bid, each one encased in glass and black velvet. Some of the jewels were estimated to bring in well over a million dollars. In the front of the ballroom, a man cleared his throat. Everyone looked towards him.

            “Hello,” He greeted everyone with a warm smile, “I am Jesse Fitzpatrick.” The room erupted into applause. “It is my pleasure to introduce the gems of our collection. These nine coloured diamonds are a set, ranging in colour from bright yellow to pastel rose.” A hush fell over the crowd. Only the best of the best were presented as the lead auction items at the Fitzpatrick auction, and the anticipation had even the most regal of guests shifting their weight in impatience. The jazz band, on the stage in the back, was given a cue, and they played a spectacular drum roll as the double doors swung open.


 Sarah Danton walked into an atmosphere filled with exuberance. The lights twinkled off the beautiful pink Waldissa diamond she had nestled in the hollow of her neck, and every eye in the place was upon it as she glided gracefully down the grand staircase. Jewel buyers from all over the world itched to inspect the stone, some with a greedy look in their eye. As she came to a stop at the end of a large red carpet, eight other girls followed. The diamonds got smaller down the row of girls, but their colour became richer, more vivid. Each girl was in a simple black gown, with their hair in a modest twist, so as to not take away from the stones.

            Sarah had been modeling precious gems for Fitzpatrick Jewellers for almost four years, and her charming smile had quickly made her a favourite of potential buyers. She had come straight out of high school to help her pay for a better education, and she had helped sell over for hundred various pieces of “hardware” as her employers put it.

Tonight was their biggest auction of the year, and when Jesse Fitzpatrick had asked her to model the main stone of the night, she had leapt at the chance. Finally, the buyers were allowed to examine the gemstone. The nine models stood still for over an hour as different clientele regarded the multi-million dollar stones.

Finally, when the crowd around the models had dispersed, Jesse walked towards the girls.

“Go on. You’ve been standing here for over an hour. Mingle, have some champagne!” The nine girls burst into smiles and rushed into the throng of people .The party was exquisite, and Sarah rushed to the bar. She grabbed a bottle of champagne and popped the lid, pouring the golden liquid into a slender glass. It bubbled smoothly down her throat as she sipped. People still came up to look at the diamond, but most of the intransigent buyers had retired to their auction booths.

            Sarah saw two of the girls that had converged into a corner, and went to join them. She walked through the masses of richly dressed people when a hand grabbed her arm. Her heart skipped a beat, but she pulled herself together quickly. A good looking man about her age was the owner of the hand that was casually holding on to her unadorned wrist. He gave her a smile.

            “Hello,” His voice was friendly, but it had an underlying stiffness to it. “Would you like a drink?” With his free hand he motioned to the bar. She smiled gracefully, showing him her barely sipped glass of champagne, and then pulled away.

            “I already have one thank you” She said regretfully.

“That is a beautiful stone.” He remarked casually. Her hand moved to cover the expensive jewel on her neck, and his gaze followed her hand. She blushed when his eyes slipped a little lower, and she took a step backwards, causing him to smile apologetically. “Well. If you change your mind…”

“I don’t think so. Sorry.” His gaze darkened at her statement, and she mumbled a brief goodbye before continuing on her way to the other girls. He looked like he was going to follow her, but he didn’t. Wise move she thought.


The two girls greeted her openly, drinks a little stronger then champagne in their hands. One of them was a fiery red head, one of them a young blonde.

“Hi,” Sarah began, “I’m Sarah.” They both smiled at her, and then the young blonde replied.

“Hi. I’m Jolene and that’s Stephanie.” She motioned to the red head. The other girls had caught sight of them, and they had begun to make their way through the crowd. A few of the models were a little bit tipsy, and Sarah made a mental note to keep an eye on their jewellery and them.

The band was playing a soothing jazz melody, people dancing and mingling inside the decadent ballroom. Everything was going beautifully. This year Fitzpatrick had really outdone himself, and people were having a great time. Sarah knew there would be crowds of reporters outside, trying to get in. Suddenly a loud whine came from one of the trombones, and the music stopped. People looked around in bewilderment, and Mr. Fitzpatrick turned toward the band, his face a mask of animosity. He rushed over and began to hiss.

“What are you doing? Why did you stop playing?” He didn’t notice the look of horror on the band members faces. The trombone player stood up shakily, his mouth open as if to speak, and then promptly slumped forward. He landed with a thud at Jesse’s feet. A large flat edged knife was buried deep into the man’s back, the silver hilt shimmering in the golden light.

At first, the people in the back didn’t notice. A wave of hushed confusion ran through the crowd, followed by hushed dread. The dread turned to panic so quickly that the change was almost imperceptible. A scream rang through the quiet room, echoing off the walls, sending the patrons scrambling like a flock of sheep. It was a sea of hysteria, crashing through the front doors. Tables tumbled over, and people fell, trampled by the crowd. The glass cases full of jewels were thrown to the ground breaking into a million pieces of shining inconsequential extravagance. The alarms began to go off .The high pitched wail surrounded them in commotion. Sarah grabbed the girls before they could join the crowd and be injured in the stampede, and shouted at them over the noise,

            “No! Don’t follow them! Come with me!” She motioned to a staff exit. Only half of the girls heard her, but they grabbed the others and dragged them to the door. They ran through the kitchen, and slipped through what they thought was the exit. Instead, they were in the employees lounge. There was a small window, a couch pushed into a corner, and a few TV’s scattering the room. Before they could turn to run, Jolene cried out. Sarah turned towards her, worry etched on her face. Jolene was slumped on the dingy carpet, clutching her foot. The heel of her shoe had snapped, causing her to twist her ankle painfully. Without thinking, Stephanie and Sarah rushed to her side.

            “Why are we waiting for her? There could be a murderer in the building!” A young Asian girl whined. The others agreed quickly, but Sarah stopped them.

            “The chances are he’s long gone by now. We’re not leaving her!” She felt Jolene’s ankle gingerly for a break.

            “Well I’m not waiting. We have millions of dollars around our necks, and we’re just sitting ducks in here.” She stalked towards the door, four of the five remaining girls hot on her heels. The other called out to them

            “Would you want us to leave if it was you?”

            “Oh shut up Felicia!” Yelled another, and the five girls left without a second thought. Felicia edged towards the group on the floor, her dark brown eyes flashing in frustration.

            “I’m sorry,” she whispered, “Andrea can be a bit of a bitch sometimes...” Her chocolate coloured skin was pale, and her lips were pressed together roughly. She looked at Jolene. “Can you walk on it?”

            Jolene shrugged her shoulders and attempted to stand, aided by Sarah and Stephanie. She took one shaky step towards Felicia, and almost tumbled back towards the ground. Felicia grabbed her arm and held her up, helping her to take a few more steps. All four of them could still feel the adrenaline from the panic pumping through their veins, but they fought to keep a calm front. Felicia and Jolene were almost at the window when a shout grabbed their attention. Dark figures ran through the alley outside the window. Jolene peered outside and gasped, a sound that almost was a sob.

            They’re taking them! All of them.” She cried in agony. “All those girls are being thrown into the back of the truck.” Her voice raised a few decibels, and then she pitched back towards the couch, jarring her injured ankle. “They saw me!” She cried, horror plain on her face. Stephanie jumped behind the sofa in fear, and menacing footsteps could be heard from inside the kitchen. Sarah began to go to Jolene, but Felicia beat her there, and Stephanie dragged her behind the couch. The door burst open, almost flying of the hinges, and three large men spilled into the room. Felicia and Jolene screamed and struggled as they were thrown over broad shoulders, but the men overpowered them easily. Sweet smelling rags were pushed into their faces, and Sarah watched helplessly as the struggling slowed to a stop. One of the men spoke in a coldly familiar but unplaceable voice.

            “Does she have the pink diamond? The boss wants the pink diamond!” Stephanie’s eyes fluttered towards Sarah’s neck, and Sarah’s breath caught in her throat. The Men looked quickly over the jewels and shook their heads.

            “No” another replied. “One of the girls in the van must have it.” The other two grunted in agreement. “We have to get these girls into the truck before the cops show up.”  Another whispered fervently, and with an unnecessary violence they picked the girls up and left, slamming the door so hard it broke the frame.


            As soon as the footsteps couldn’t be heard, Sarah felt Stephanie go limp beside her, and she strained to lift the red head out from behind the couch. Stephanie’s head dangled from her shoulders dangerously, so Sarah laid her gently on the couch. Taking the girl’s cell phone from her pocket, she dialled 911 with shaking fingers.


The End

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