Chapter 4:

The next day he was woken early by a voice behind the intercom, which was strange, normally he would have woken on his own with a pressure timer that he had said.

A note was brought to him by uniform wearing soldier soon after he was awake, the note detailed that he was to leave the building and meet a white sedan outside, the sedan would then take him to his new place of living and give him the rest of his orders. He wasn't sure what to feel he was going to a place where he had never been.

"I guess that's the point though." He muttered to himself in deadpan.

HE then gathered all his things, all three of them. His watch, his new pair of shoes that had been brought to him and his suit. He never really kept things, he was just an instrument to be used by The Government, so keeping things was probably nothing but a waste.

After gathering all his things he made his way to the door and opened it with The Energy . The hallway was just like it had always been, military grade concrete hallway with little decorations, a dull off white color that made it seem washed out. Turning towards his left he continued down the hallway passing many doors along the way, he reached a final door at the end of the hallway, plain steel with a push handle, and again the same off white color, there was a sign above it that read “EXIT” , pushing the handle and opening the doot he noticed that the door was incredibly light he didn't even use The Energy like he normally did with other doors.A brilliant light shone into the room the moment a crack opened up, he had to shield his eyes lest he go blind.

Quickly he grabbed at The Energy and created a thick smoke above to shield himself from the light. Outside was a large lot covered with smooth, black asphalt. in the center was a new white sedan, there was a combination of curves that accentuated the white glossy paint. There was a certain aura to it, pride itself was reaching and blessing the vehicle before his eyes. When he walked over to the vehicle and grasped the handle he opened to door to a black leather interior. The Door was accented with a strange reddish yellow wood. The leather shone like a freshly polished dress shoes. He could make out a clear window between the back and front seat of the vehicle. In the front seat sat The Man in the Black Suit himself, looking back at Raden through the mirror mounted on roof of the car.

Figures he would be the one driving, he wasn't about to let some intern drive the single most powerful weapon in the world. He might wreck the car and lose me.

After a four hour long drive in the woods, the car reached a town, the vehicle coasted into a gas station. Stepping out of the car The Man in The Black Suit swiped a card in front of a screen. The screen changed colors and a mechanical arm started to fill the car up with gasoline.

He has never been outside, at least as far as he can remember. He knew quite a bit about it he was heavily schooled in nearly every subject. This town was filled with many things he had never before seen in person. Across the street from the station was a store, the display windows showed many colorful characters and slogans,obviously meaning to advertise a particular product, after every few moments the windows flickered and show a different set of advertisements.

After another two or three more hours they finally arrived at the outskirts to what was a very large city, even from the city limits he could clearly see the tall sky-scrapers that protruded from the earth like great wounds, they looked unnatural as they attempted to touch the heavens.

Soon they arrived to what he assumed to be the center of the city, he saw a large building that was made of glass, nothing but a thin steel skeleton supporting it.The vehicle rolled to a stop in front of the building and the window retreated to the ceiling. The Man in The Black suit handed him a white three-ring binder and a beeper.
“Inside the Binder you will find your room number and key, the directions to get to your college, and the schedule. Make sure you do not use The Energy in any way that would bring harm to civilians” Said The Man in The Black Suit.

The door opened and Raden jumped out, as soon as he go here the door shut and the vehicle drove away. He walked on the smooth white tiled walkway to the entrance to the building with the steel skeleton.

Reaching the door took longer than he expected he was at the top floor, only three other room that were on the same floor. His room was very expansive, a window was looking out towards the outside observing the clouds, the walls were white with  a scent of cleanliness . The room had a few amenities, quite a bit more than he was used too he noticed, a refrigerator, microwave and stove in the kitchen area, a couch and television in the living area. He knew they would go untouched as he lived of the allowance that were surely going to give him. Soon he found his new sleeping quarters, inside was a gigantic white bed.

I wonder what this thing feels like? he thought I don't think that I will leave this un-touched.

He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. He was filled with a great sense of relaxation an collapsed on the bed. Relief covered him like a blanket as he drifted into a slumber.

The End

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