Chapter 3:
“What was that?!” Said an old man sitting at a table surrounded by various “Official” looking people. At first glance he looked like any other old man with thin hair, and dried skin similar like a prune, and a shaky stature. You would never guess that this man had once been in the military and been forged into a soldier.
“What was he trying to do?” He said the statement like he was disgusted.
“Is he trying to flaunt his power to us?” He was clearly aggravated at what he believed to be an arrogant display of power.
“I don’t think that it was meant to be taken like that” Said a much younger man in a suit, directly across from the veteran at the table he seemed much less angry and much younger. “In fact it seemed like he had almost given up.” Just before everyone was evacuated from the room because of the massive levels of radiation he saw Raden with a serene look on his face with his eyes closed.
“I think that he is just doing it out of boredom” Said another man at the end of the table. “He seems to be finished with life, almost like he doesn’t really have anything left to live for. Normally we would kill him, but we need him for our research in the latest project.”

“You're right” Said the younger man across from the Veteran.”We need to keep him so that we can learn more about The Energy, otherwise we would be fresh out of luck.”

“Wait!” The man sitting at the opposite end had been quite up until now. “I don’t think that he can go unpunished for this, the readings were off the charts. We never see those kinds of numbers, he emitted the same amount of radiation the sun releases in a day, in about seven seconds. He killed several researchers monitoring his vitals! Something like this cannot go unpunished!” The man had a white lab coat on him and a scraggly beard growing on his face. He was a very emotional person and held proper punishment and justice in high regard, something one would not normally find in a man of science.
“That will not do.” Announced a man standing away from the table in front of the room looking out a window. “Like you said, he is growing bored, he needs to find some form of enjoyment out of life, otherwise we may not be able to use him as well as we might want to.” The man did not turn from the window as he spoke. “If we put him into a social environment, with his logical view over everything he could grow to hate the world we live in, or even love it. Either way, I think that it in itself would be a great experiment to put Subject 1 Raden into a social environment. maybe showing how someone who has no social experience deals with the shock of sudden interaction between peers.”
“I agree that does sound interesting.” Said the Younger advisor.
“I guess I don't even have a voice!”  The Veteran stated with a grit in his voice.
“Let that THING go unpunished?! This is ludicrious!”with a lound BOOM the man hit his hand on the table and stormed out of the room 

“Then it is settled.” Said The Man In The Black Suit.

Raden slammed the door to his chamber and slumped onto the wall. He was at a loss for words, he didn’t know what happened he tried to let himself “Crash and Burn” however he wasn’t able to. he had purposefully tried to use too much of The Energy.

What are they talking about right now? He asked himself.\

After he had tried to kill himself he walked back to his room in a daze of disbelief, he didn’t know what to do so he just went back into his room and leaned up against the wall for support wondering why he had failed.
He ran through the scenario in his head a number of times, I felt the energy within me, it felt like I was going to explode and so I tried to let it. I should have died like the others! He couldn’t understand where he had messed up even though his failure meant he got to keep his life it still bothered him. He hit the wall with his fist and dented the wall in slightly.

Failure is still a failure right? He was constantly criticizing himself for what seemed like hours until he thought he could hear footsteps coming towards his door

Clop Clop Clop.

Strange He thought Normally they just announce my missions over the intercom, I wonder what this is about.

He thought over it for a second, "It wasn’t time for a meal", he normally had to receive his missions through the intercom. He was completely perplexed he didn’t know what they wanted.

Then he heard the small struggleof someone trying to open his door without proper equipment, recognizing the struggle Raden grasped at The Energy and forced the door to open slowly for the visitor.

“I am getting too old for this” Said a man who was wearing a black suit and tie similar to his own, except on his head he wore a jet black trilby with a single feather in it. He had a gruff voice and his face seemed weathered with experience.

“The Committee has discussed what to do with you.” He said

“I know” Raden Replied calmly, what were they going to do after he had just done that.

“You are going to go to college” Said the man with a gleam in his eyes.

“This is what The Committee has decided to do?”

“Yes, you will be given an apartment to live in, and a beeper to receive your missions. You are expected to integrate with social normalities while maintaining your performance on missions.”

“So I am an experiment?”


“Well, thats fine I guess, when am I not?”


The End

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