The AttemptMature

A group of people called Manipulators, a corrupt government using them as weapons, mysterious energy source that only the can manipulate. A terrible consequence of using it, death come to all, except one.

Chapter 1:

He was in a battleground, The landscape looked barren and scarred, barbed wire lining trenches, bodies laying on the ground, the foul stench reaching his nostrils and stinging them. He was accustomed to it however, this wasn’t nearly the first time that he had done something like this. The enemy would come to a battlefield, and dig these pitiful trenches, expecting ground troops, or maybe tanks, never would they have imagined that he would be the only soldier to arrive at the scene, and even more so that he would be the thing that would end all of their lives.
He noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye.

Someone is trying to get away. He thought.

Calmly, he walked towards the runner, musing about what he would have to eat for his third meal.

Have the cooks made something that would be fitting of someone of my stature?

The man that was running, turned to look over his shoulder, instantly he was filled with fear, the man he saw had a strange aura around him, he didn’t seem evil he didn’t even seem all that bad. Dressed in a black suit with a black tie, a short thin golden chain hung from his pocket long black pleated pants, with a nice pair of black dress shoes. He didn’t seem scary at all, infact he seemed like someone you might meet on the street, someone who knew what they were doing, someone that he might invite to a coffee. However there was something different, he didn’t look intimidating, however his demeanor, the way he acted, all of it put out a very hostile aura. Then his face, his face was as interesting as his clothes, a medium length nose, eyes not too wide apart, and a mouth that wasn’t too thin or thick. Yet, his expression, he didn’t show any emotion, no, it was more than that, he didn’t have any emotion, he was cold and emotionless.

Before He knew it He was right up to him, he had stopped running when he looked at him. he was gripped with fear Immediately, what was going to happen, he couldn’t run anymore, he didn’t know what to do, should he attack him, try to hurt him. He nearly laughed at the thought, this man had single-handedly destroyed an entire battalion of men. He did the only thing he could think of, he needed to get back to his family, his wife, his children, they needed him.

“Please, don’t kill me.” He said, as he withdrew a picture of his wife and children to show him. “I have a family.”

He just looked at the picture, cocking his head slightly, and after a few seconds the picture burst into flames and blew away with the wind as ash. He looked into his eyes and saw that  there was nothing there, nothing that would indicate that he might hold any sympathy towards him, he didn’t see any emotions in those cold, grey eyes, he saw nothing, just a cold glare that would pierce his very being, something that would pierce through him and all his secrets. He had never felt more terror.

He looked at the man in the uniform, his dogtags read “Jonothan”. The man he saw was filled with terror, he probably knew his fate, he had tried to appeal to his human emotions by showing him a picture of his family, however, he had merely destroyed it, floating the ashes away on a gust wind along with any other reasons for him to cling to life. He looked at the man straight in his eyes.

“Why did you run” he asked “You are only prolonging the suffering, you’re lucky I even took the time to walk over here and dispose of you properly.”


And with that there was nothing left but ash drifting off with the wind, his uniform, his weapon he carried on his back, incinerated in an instant, no pain, no suffering, just endless peace in death.

Then he awoke, the cot slightly moist to his sweating in this humid atmosphere they insisted to keep him in. His morning meal-bar sitting on the table next to his cot. He sat up and examined his room, The walls were bare and metallic, the floor a tiled with white ceramic, his only furnishings were his table and cot, everything else was deemed unnecessary for a weapon of The Government.

Yep, he was awake, the dream was gone, his last battle had been 4 days ago and yet he still had the images within his mind replaying them over and over. If he didn’t look at his mistakes then he would make a more severe one later if he wasn’t careful, he might get killed he chuckled to himself.

“Prolong the suffering.”

The statement was funny, he had asked that soldier that same thing, why he prolonged the suffering, but he was doing the same thing. Prolonging the time that he was a weapon for the government. He took out his only comfort that he had in life.a Situated in his suit jacket, was a golden pocket watch, given to him by the only person who seemed to have cared, the only person who raised him, his teacher that had showed him how to control The Energy. He didn’t quite know why he held it dear, he wasn’t even sure that his teacher had given it to him.

Oh well, I am going to end it my next training session anyway, I am done with life.

He was not sad or anything, in fact he may be called content, he just felt that life had finished giving things to him. So he was done, and next training session he would end it all.

The intercom came to life “Subject 1, Raden, please make your way to the training center and proceed with daily training.”

Well  He thought Time to end it.


Chapter 2:

He walked out of the cold metallic chamber called his room, he looked back, if everything went as he planned then this would be the last time that he saw it, he would never see this room again. He didn’t really like the room, he did however live the past fifteen years of his life  in this room and he had grown accustomed to it.
On the outside of his room was a short concrete hallway the concrete seemed washed out and held a very clean, sterilized feeling he had seen this hallway every day for his entire life, he was surprised to not see his own footprint in the floor with how much he walked through this room.
Walking down the hallway he came up to a large metallic door, it was grey and shiny, about thrice his height, no normal man would have been able to open it, the handle itself was the width of his body. He grasped at The Energy and the large handle on the door slowly turned and the door opened with a very strained creek.
On the other side of the door, was a large chamber, the floors of the chamber were a black plastic like material, while the walls were of the same material and color as the hallway above he could. see the black glass that allowed whoever wanted to observe his training as they saw fit, on the opposite side was a very large metal double door that was commonly used during his training. This was the place he uses to train in, it was kept incredibly close to his room so that he may wake up and immediately get to his training, there was no reason for him to ever slack off, not with how much The Government need him.
The room was plain and didn’t have much to it so that they may avoid as much collateral damage as they could, the less collateral damage, the more money in their pockets.
Already he had a idea of what he would do, he would participate in the training like normal until the final exercise, then he wouldn’t stop, he would “Crash and Burn”. he would hold The Energy until he literally exploded.
Then the first exercise commenced, the large door on the opposite side of the room opened up, and inside were three abrams tanks.
Before he could react to their presence they fired at him.
Have I not graduated this level yet? He thought I took out a whole battalion four days ago.
He lazily glanced up at the incoming rounds, and grasped at The Energy in front of him, he used it to compress the air in front of him, making it a solid wall.
Wait! He thought lets have fun with this.

In that instant he took down his wall and instead grasped at the air surrounding each round separately, he quickly compressed the air in front of them and thickened it.

As though they were flying through gelatin they slowed down more and more the closer that they got to him, until they were less than six inches away from his body and completely still. He compressed the air around them even more and heated each one till red hot. Each round become smaller and smaller, slowly turning white hot, then they came together above his head forming a white hot ball of molten metal, the ball of molten metal was hurled towards his opponents, splitting into three separate chunks as it got closer to the tanks. When the molten balls collided with the tanks he released the compression he had with each of them and as a result, each ball of metal expanded violently and with great force, an explosion shook the entire room and filled it with the smell of soot and burnt metal. 

In front of Raden lay nothing but three mounds of smoking metal that were once machines of war.

Looking up he saw the black tinted windows of the observatory, where they were no doubt reveling in his power, after all, he had just taken out three Abrams tanks literally without moving a muscle.
“Please continue onto the final exercise” He heard the loudspeaker declare.
Must be running short on time. He thought, nothing too out of the ordinary.
Immediately he wrestled with as much of The Energy he could, all around the room he could sense it, he could feel its’ presence all around him, as he wrestled with it all, when he felt that he had as much as he could take and he felt like he was going to explode He heard a familiar term from the loudspeaker that said “Release”. He paid it no head However.

He tried to keep all the power within himself, he knew it was a foolish idea, he would die if he held in anymore of The Energy, but that was the plan wasn’t it?
He heard the loud-speaker again “Release!”, the voices had changed, this time he recognized it as the voice of his boss, the man that gave him the coordinates and the orders of what he was supposed to do.
A little more. He kept telling himself, just a little more power to add, just a little bit more will be it. Then he felt something, like a slipping away, a feeling like trying to hold water, he was at his limit. A little more, he said once again, then he let himself succumb to it, feeling an incredible sense of euphoria as he did.
This must be what they felt like, a strong feeling of euphoria just before dieing.
However, after the feeling disappeared, he wasn’t gone, there he was on his knees in the middle of the training chamber, the once white walls were warped, they were a more yellow color and in some places had grown black. the soles of his shoes were left on the floor as a pile of rubber.
He had tried to kill himself, to end it all, yet he had failed, he tried to finish it, yet he couldn’t.


The End

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