explanation -.-Mature

i'm going to have to cover this eventually. -.-

so there’s this guy in my year called Abbas and first of all. He is the sexiest
guy in the world like honestly wow. Anyway in the june holidays this year
(2012-aged 13) he randomly started up a convo with me on facebook except back
then I had no idea who he was so he was being really flirty and all that and I was
just kind of like errmm what? I didn’t think much of it until the second day of
term three when  I walked into my new drama class with my good friend Sarah, we were all sitting in a big circle and I sat down, across the circle was a boy, and omigod did I stare or what he was the most amazing looking guy I had ever seen no one else thought so but daym I couldn’t stop looking, but when we made eye contact he went bright red and looked embarrassed, the teacher called role and I discovered that the sexiest guy ever was the guy I
had rejected just a week before ABBAS I wanted to shot myself right there and

The End

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