So sorry I haven't updated in... well a long time. I'm going to try and update more of the stories ongoing that I have on Protagonize. 

Here's the next installment - sorry it's so short. I think for 45 minutes it wasn't too bad. =) 


The night soon came so all patrols and scouting teams were called off. Marie was fast asleep curled in a tight ball covered by two blankets, one being my own, while I sat up looking to the girl with sunglasses. She was sat, leaning back against the wall with her chest slowly moving up and down. For some reason I couldn’t stop watching her. I didn’t know whether it was curiosity, would she sneak out during the night?, or interest, who was she and why was she like this? How did she get here?
Marie squirmed, tossed, turned and kicked as the night went on. I myself couldn’t sleep, I was still concentrating on the girl. Why was she in this place? How is she so good? Why didn’t she know others were here?
Just as I almost fell asleep I heard shuffling about, very muffled and quietened shuffling at that. I forced my eyes opened then looked to the girl standing and tightening her bag strap.
‘So she waited for me to fall asleep. She’s got good determination.’ I watched her leave then stood while managing to avoid Marie’s limbs that were in all directions as she sprawled out on the floor. I covered her leg that stuck out then followed as quietly as I could manage.

Sheltering behind a broken wall the girl waited, looking to a device which barely lit up her face as the brightness setting was rather low. She seemed to watch one particular spot but soon it faded. After shutting off the screen she walked away, still being almost deathly silent. I glanced back to our base but no-one had stirred so I relaxed only slightly as I followed the girl forwards. I was worried, I wasn’t in a three man group and this girl seemed more dangerous than the monsters. Those monsters too were a cause for discomfort. Nevertheless, Marie was with a group and this girl was alone. Sure she may have been able to handle herself yet I felt protective of her. She may not be in the same situation as us but I was curious about her.

The End

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