Injured (Gary's POV)

Onto Gary’s point de vu, I thought I should introduce another character. Is it alright so far? Please let me know what you think and any constructive criticisms.

She was just laying there unconscious on the ground still wearing the headphones and sunglasses. Ever since I first saw her I was interested in her. She could see well enough to avoid trouble and despite the headphones she heard everything, even me whispering. As I crouched Marie slowly approached.
“Is she dead?” She whispered as she knelt beside me.
“I don’t think so. Where’s the third?”
“I snuck out.” Marie admitted. “I’m getting better at being sneaky.”
That much was true, she had certainly been able to evade more creatures. Our ‘Leader’ , Francis, designated that we should be in groups of three and no less in order to be more secure. I was put with my sister Marie and some boy called Alexander, at least I think that’s his name.
“She’s moving.” Marie whispered. Indeed the girl was moving. At first she seemed to try and run off but then just let us help her to stand. Rumbling echoed out so I encouraged her to follow us, our base was closer after all and I didn’t want to endanger Marie unnecessarily by being out in the open for too long. She agreed somewhat reluctantly then we ran to the abandoned warehouse that has been our home for far too long.

I could tell she was curious about us. The other four from our group seemed afraid of her but Marie looked after her. She didn’t seem to like me, was it because of what happened before? I glanced over to the girl but she remained silent despite Marie trying her best to take advantage of this free moment to speak to her.

Marie never did find out what the girl’s name was. As Marie sat beside me then leant her head against my shoulders she said: “She’s not very nice.” in a quiet whisper.
“Probably still adjusting.” I whispered back then looked to Marie who closed her eyes while hugging my arm. “How are you nowadays?”
“Still pretty nervous. At least you’re here big bro.”
“Yeah you’re pretty lucky to have me.” We chuckled then I looked to the girl, she was anxious as if wanting to leave this area and kept looking out of the window she was by.

The End

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