Reaching the Target

She sat alone as the temperature decreased rapidly. As she hugged her legs with her bag under them she looked to the tip of her feet. ‘What should I have done? I don’t know how to interact. Did they think badly of me? Tch like I care.’ She leant back then sorted out her headphones and sunglasses before laying her head softly against the wall.

Looking up to the sky with no emotion in her eyes the girl hugged her legs while sat in a small gap. A group of creatures had passed so she hid and went quiet. A scream sounded but she ignored it, pressing the headphones to her eats. It made no difference, the cries of fear and pain continued to fill the area. After the creatures had left the immediate area he continued but with the device in hand as she was now in the centre of town which happened to also be the central area for the creatures. After ascertaining a route she walked towards an abandoned shopping mall in the worst state compared to the whole area. She looked to it. ‘So you’re in there?’ She thought then exhaled and ran in before instantly moving to the left.

The End

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