There was a lot of growling throughout the time the girl slept. As she was too tired none of it woke her up. When she finally did rouse she was grateful nothing bad had happened to her. She sorted out her clothes then noticed a large shadow forming to the side. It was obviously human so she stood and held the gun to the side waiting. The shadow also waited for something though she couldn’t be sure what for. The person stepped a little to the side as if straining to hear. As she raised the gun to be in position where she could shoot the head clearly, growling echoed out quietly. From outside the creatures ran past in a pack of 6 running away but neither the person nor the girl moved. The growling faded completely then the figure moved to look to the girl.
Gary gasped then stepped back holding his hands up. “I only came to offer you the opportunity of joining us.” He whispered.
‘Probably just so they can be better protected.’ She thought then regard the boy whose clothes were ripped and black but probably due to dirt instead of choice of colour. ‘Still I want to know: why they’re here, how they’ve survived and what happened to everyone else.’ She looked to the side as someone ran up then Marie came into view.
“You were the shooter?” The young girl asked in shock. “Cool.”
The girl regarded the two then growling sounded out so she looked to the window and gathered her bag before leaving via a back entrance. The two ran off to join another then they ran away to the warehouse.
‘They’re too obvious. Soon they’ll be attacked. Do they travel in packs… groups of three?’ She thought as she studied them before walking away.

The End

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