Without looking back she ran away from the immediate area while replenishing her bullets with not only haste but also accuracy. She made the gun ready then glanced back while remaining at the same speed. Two creatures followed her so she turned a corner but seconds later they also turned. She spun, shot twice then turned right. More were in front so she skidded to a halt then ran into an abandoned warehouse. As she advanced up some stairs a crash sounded out, alerting her to the fact they had not managed to get in. Holding onto her bag she jumped from a gap and landed onto a roof. She continued across roof tops until she couldn’t run any longer.

On her knees she took breaths in and out until calmer and her breathing had returned to normal. ‘That was terrifying. At least I’m a little safer now.’ She reached into her pocket then blinked. As her hand dove into the other pocket she began to panic once more. She pulled out the empty capsules, scattering them on the ground before her then picked them up one by one and closed examined them.
‘None?’ She thought then checked through her bag and relaxed. After she had pulled out a pot she undid the lid and put some into her left pocket. She checked the level then replaced the pot, gathered the remains of the old and used capsules then put them in a bag. Her bag was zipped then she stood and walked away after having a capsule. The pocket containing the capsules was fastened securely then she walked slower as her feet began to ache. ‘Next place that’s more secure I shall rest I think. Yeah that’s a plan.’ She thought as she walked down a street. 

The End

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