Feeling slightly out of sorts, from both being ignored by the creature and the fact she had left her shoes somewhere, she found it difficult to get to sleep straightaway. Holding her gun she watched the sky out of the gap where a window should have been though it would hold no purpose as it rarely changed and if it did it only showed: grey, slightly dull, dull, dark blue or pitch black.
She sighed then again sorted out her headphones and sunglasses before leaving her headphones on her bag and tucking her hair behind her ears. Looking out of the window gap she wondered why she had even gotten involved in the first place, this was nothing to do with her. She let out a sigh then replaced the headphones and closed her eyes, allowing herself to drift into a restless sleep.

She opened her eyes slowly then looked to the sky while massaging her neck. ‘Still dull.’ She thought as she stretched then took off her jacket and swapped it for a dark grey one with pockets but still a hood. The hood was pulled up and the headphones put over it. Rumbling softly echoed out then a voice cried out in shock.
“Look out!” Gary’s voice sounded out from a few storeys down. She looked out then saw the group wielding bats and hitting the creatures away as one helped the younger girls to stand. As he was forced to the ground and his bat rolled out of reach she leant against the wall with her arms folded across her chest, the gun still ready to shoot.
“Gary!” A boy ran up then with a metal pole swiped at the creature raising it’s paw with razor sharp claws sticking out. The creature fell to the side then another ran up followed by five others. She tensed then aimed but waited, hesitating as her finger trembled to pull the trigger. Again the boy swiped out but the claw caught his arm and forced the boy to the side. As he spun then hit the ground she glared then pulled the trigger. Two creatures fell. A third hit the ground, falling on top of another then the last one ran at the boy holding his heavily bleeding arm. She shot again but he chamber clicked. Desperately she pulled out another bullet and put it in before aiming again. The creature was gone and the boys were struggling to stand.
‘No.’ She thought then grabbed her bag and rushed towards the stairs. Her feet stepped onto the ground seconds before the other was lifted.

The End

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