She sat having a capsule then made her way to another bridge before noticing two taller figures further up than that of children. ‘More? This is impossible. Am I really where I was sent?’ She hid behind a stone statue turned green by numberless years of being left unattended so the green ivy could attack it. The people walked across the bridge then rumbling sounded out. She looked to the left then froze and held her breath. Straight in front of her was the creature standing just in the shadows so she couldn’t see it’s face nor it’s features, only the dark red eyes that glinted from the small amount of light from the side were visible. Her hand tightened around the gun as she watched it without blinking, though she doubted it would make a difference as her sunglasses were heavily tinted.
“Oh man, there’s one here. Quick get the knife.”
“There’s one over there too. Others are approaching. What do we do?”
‘Don’t they know to be quiet?’ She thought then looked as the creature passed. Thin, bony legs with it’s elbows sticking up were obvious under the thin black fur clinging to them. As it stepped forwards she used her peripheral vision to watch it. It’s small thin tail looked more like a whip and was probably just as dangerous.
“Look out!” One man yelled. The rumbling intensified so much that she forced her eyes shut and tried to ignore the screams and desperate cries for help. Although her hand was holding her primed gun she knew if she moved she would just join them in being dead.

Soon the rumbling faded and the bodies were dragged away from the bridge towards a steel gate that had been forced open and possibly cut by wire cutters. She looked then fell to the ground as her knees trembled and weakened. As she rubbed them she looked to the side where a pool of blood streamed towards the drains just behind her. She stood then looked to her clothes to see she hadn’t landed in any then sighed in relief. As she took off towards a nearby building to hide as it was getting colder and she was more tired than usual her mind was full of questions. One particularly thought niggling away at her mind: why didn’t it attack her?

The End

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