Close Encounter

After gathering courage to walk on she continued in silence still looking around, now not just to avoid annoying or attracting attention from the creatures but also to avoid the children. It puzzled her that children, healthy children, could be around in this city without looking abnormal or being too thin. To her all the citizens had been killed or had fled years ago. She had thought this place was empty and inhabitable. From her bag she pulled out a small rectangular device then depressed a button at the top. The screen lit up then an image of a map with streets labelled with either a cross or circle appeared, the majority marked with crosses. On the map were also small symbols, triangles of yellow, that moved in groups of at least 8.
‘Great, I’ve ended up in Creature Central. Stupid boy.’ She thought angrily then zoomed out and turned off the device before replacing it. After zipping up her bag she stood then gasped. She frantically checked everywhere. As her hand touched the cold metal of her gun she relaxed then looked around. ‘Where are my shoes?’ She thought then sat and sighed angrily.

Rumbling echoed out, she looked up then entered a building and slid around to hide while pulling out her gun and preparing it. More rumbling echoed out and soft clicking sounded as claws were pressed against the laminate floor boards of the small office. The conversational growling came to a halt then the clicking faded again before suddenly getting louder, the origin was right in front of her behind the thin wall that was crumbling. A thump sounded then a scream came to a sudden stop before a gurgling sound echoed out then silence. After a few minutes she found she was forced to breathe so slowly she exhaled while listening out. Dragging sounded out then the rumbling faded completely. Shaking a little she exhaled with a smile and leant her head back against the desk softly.
‘I thought I was dead.’ She thought then closed her eyes and calmed herself down.

The End

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