The Second Incident

The girl stepped out of her hiding spot then looked to check it was clear and advanced steadily, hoping none of the children would notice or approach her. As she passed by the church she heard the girl crying. Ignoring this she continued with a bit more haste as low rumbling came from far away behind her.

Finally, after another half hours worth of speed walking she got to a bridge then sat on a pillar by the beginning on the arch and exhaled. From ahead rumbling sounded out. Children ran from an area holding bags close to their chest. She grabbed the edge then swung herself over and landed crouched on a stone shelf. As she ducked then advanced she got to under a slope. Using the poles to stabilize herself she held the gun and waited, looking to the water.
“Marie!” The boy, whose voice was familiar from the church yelled as a girl tripped. “No! Over here you beasts!” He yelled while waving his hand. As he ran away from the crowd with the group of creatures following him across the bridge the still group of children gathered moved to gather their stuff then continued to run. Once it went quiet she moved out of the hidden area then looked around and went around the back alleys to be more careful, sorting out her headphones as she had knocked them slightly while getting out of the area. After she got to a clear area she sat and had a capsule. She looked around then sighed a little as she watched the horizon. The grey ring above the buildings was more visible due to it being slightly darker.
“Can you see with those on?” A voice whispered.

Frozen with shock at the fact she hadn’t even sensed the figure nor anyone’s presence in the area, she remained still.
“Hello? Can you hear me?”
She looked then motioned for him to be quiet.
“Oh yeah I forgot.” The boy whispered then sat beside her. “I’m Gary.” The boy with short brown hair and brown eyes looked at her with his dirty face. His hands too were dirty but he didn’t seem to smell bad. “Do you have a name?” He asked, still very quietly whispering.
She managed to nod before standing and running off. ‘He’s not just alive he’s actually quite healthy. How come?’ She thought as she ran towards a bridge.
Once there she slid into it and sat hugging her legs while looking out and listening. ‘That was close.’ She thought then closed her eyes and exhaled softly.

The End

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